Monday, January 08, 2007

Fifty Years

Today, I'm introducing you to my cousin, Margaret Ann and her husband, Jack, who celebrated fifty years of wedded bliss in August of 2006.
Now, I don't know how anyone else may feel about wedding anniversaries, but I happen to feel anyone who can manage to survive fifty years together deserves a really big medal! Heck, I couldn't even make eight years with my ex, much less fifty. One of us would have been dead by now.
Margy and Jack have three great children - Jeff, Ellen Rochelle and John Robert, as well as seven grandchildren and a great-granddaughter now too. Margy's dad and my dad were brothers and I see so much how Margy looks a great deal like her dad.
One of these days I'm going to introduce everyone to one of Margy's grandsons too - who just happens to be a really fascinating young man with lots and lots of idealism and many dreams. But that's for another time.
Looks to me like the fifty years together have blessed Margy and Jack very well, don't you agree?

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Mike said...

Congrats to them both for such an achievement.