Friday, January 26, 2007

A Neat Idea!

Reading through my favorite blogs today, I came across something that sounds really interesting - a great way to get more traffic over to one's blog site, perhaps.

Here's what you need to do to find out more about this fun idea.

First, go over to Mau's blog (It's About Time) and follow her lead there on to her sister-in-law's blog.

Ultimately, you will end up a the Fuelmyblog site - and read through the FAQ's about how to pick a square - claim it for your own and get your blog up there on the Great Wall of Blogs!

Sounds like a pretty neat deal to me!

And, when you've done that, go back and take a peek at some of the postings today on some of my other "favorite blogs I like to read." Lots of good things being said out there today!

And, now - I'm off to take a little run perhaps into Philipsburg to the Computer Shop there and see what that guy can set up for me in the way of a new computer. Sounds like - at least from what he said on the phone -he can get me a brand new unit with the things on my "dream" or "wish" list for a fairly reasonable price and even do the transfer, set up and coordination through some kind of network thingy so I can hook a new unit up with my old computer here! Sounds darned near too good to be true so I guess I'll have to go check this out in person!

Enjoy the visits now to the other blogs! Who knows, maybe we'll be neighbors on the "Great Wall of Blogs!"


Paige said...

To good to be true, huh? That screams out -CAUTION- to me. Good luck and you will let us know, right?

Happy Weekend

Mike said...

Good luck with your new computer shopping. I tend to stick with the big box stores. The package deals they have are sometimes pretty good too.

Debo Blue said...

Good luck.

Inmatez Wife said...

cool!!!! I went directly to fuelmy blog itself.