Saturday, January 06, 2007

Confusion Central!

I know, when it comes to computers and such, I am not the sharpest tool in the shed, but something is going on here today with my computer and I am REALLY confused now!

Earlier today, after my anti-virus program had gone through it's normal, daily updating thing, I got a message that I would have to do a shut-down and restart, etc., for the updates today then to take effect. No problem. I ' m happy to oblige cause I want (and figure I need) all the anti-virus protection I can get -who doesn't? So I do that and when my computer finishes reloading everything, all of a sudden - without my clicking it on - my printer/scanner opens up for me. I have no clue what caused that to happen as I wasn't touching anything on the keyboard or the mouse - or anything remotely related to the computer at the time. It was just "doing its own thing" while I was reading today's paper.

Ok, didn't really think TOO much of that. Just closed it and proceeded to sign in to my provider and go on line.

From there, open the e-mail program, get that taken care of and off I went to my lovely blog. I decided to use the internet explorer to open and access my blog. Mainly because there were a couple people who had commented to a piece on my blog recently, whose blogs I had visited and liked very much and my intent was then to add their blogs to mine. You know, the nice thing to do; reciprocate and all that stuff.

Well, I open my blog and wait, it loads, says it is done but there is something missing!

The whole string of stuff that normally appears on my blog, down the right-hand side - the blog links I like, the index of recent articles, the archives, my profile and sitemeter - all missing!

My immediate reaction was to sit here, stare at that and mutter to myself, "WTF?"

I hit refresh and the same thing happened again. I scrolled down the postings showing only to see that the last posting showing up -I think it was from December 30th as it was one that I had done referencing a lot of stuff about my family trees - was not there in its entirety. Go figure. What's up with that?

Well, I decided to try another route then. I closed my IE and went over to Firefox and opened that up. From there, I opened my blog and presto magic, all the data was there - links, index, archives, profile and sitemeter plus, the last posting showing on that page was all there too! Every last word of it, in all its literary glory just a shining through!

Up until maybe a month ago now, I only had internet explorer 6.0 on my computer. I didn't see any need to put another browser on or switch to a different one and dump the IE. However, a lady who writes one of my favorite blogs - listed under my favorites column here - "remodeled" her blog a little while back and after she did that, IE wouldn't open her blog! Her husband also has a blog which I have listed under my links too, so I commented in a post to him that I couldn't open his wife's blog and they suggested that I add Firefox. So I did that, mainly to access that one blog! But, considering what's happening to my blog on the old IE today, it's evidently a good thing I did that or I wouldn't be here, posting this today maybe, would I?

So, what I'm wondering here is if there's any one reading this who understands computers, blogging stuff (especially problems), whatever - and can give me any idea as to why my blog doesn't open fully on the IE and what -if anything - I can do to correct that?

Now, in the meantime, I just got an e-mail from an old school-days friend whose first husband was a guy who grew up about 4 doors down the street from me but was killed in an automobile accident back in 1964 and I'm closing this piece tonight to go respond to her note!

So, Audrey Grace, if you're reading this before I get a letter composed and e-mailed back to you, you've got one coming!

At least I think so! I haven't noticed anything strange going on today with my e-mail program! Not yet, anyway!

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Mike said...

I read on someone else's comments that IE has problems with things that are on blogs. I don't remember what though. But you aren't the only person to have problems like this.