Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Can We Talk? Please?

No, I'm not trying to imitate or emulate Joan Rivers with her routines but I'd really like to take a few moments of your time to talk about something that I think is one of the biggest issues facing society today. And, maybe, just maybe from reading this and another blogger's post here, it might help save someone's life too - maybe even yours!

The subject is one that many people - even after twenty years since this was first noticed on the radar screen of medical researchers is still a very misunderstood thing and often, way too often, it either joked about or discussions on it are TABU!

I'm referring here to the epidemic known as AIDS.

This disease, once believed to affect only gay men, is no longer regarded in that manner as it strikes young, old, gay, straight - all races, ethnic groups - no one is truly safe from this illness. There are ways that it can be prevented but these do require several things - precautions, safe sex practices, and educating yourself as to how easily people can be infected by the HIV virus.

I'm not going to go into detail here about the who, what, where, how of AIDS.

I am however asking that you please read the blog - shown on my "Blogs I Like To Read List" and called "Reading Rucker. ( My friend and author, Linda Rucker, has posted an excellent piece there with very valuable information about this epidemic - and yes folks, it is an epidemic and is growing by leaps and bounds every day!

Linda, along with another writer friend, Mike Morris, whose blog "The_Author_Mike" also appears in my list of favorites, are joining forces and resources in a concerted effort to try to raise awareness and yes, money too, towards the treatment and/or prevention of this illness.

Please, please, pretty please with sugar on it - stop by Linda's blog and read about ways this illness can and is being spread, methods that can be used to reverse the spread of AIDS and learn some of the plans Linda and Mike are working on in a great undertaking of the group - W.H.A.T. (Writers Helping with AIDS Treatment) to do whatever they can to help combat this scourge.

And please too, spread the word to your family and friends about Linda's blog, about her book "Dark Ridge" from which she has pledged to donate 40 percent of her profit from each sale to combat AIDS spread and helping those already affected/infected by it.

The message you spread and the life you save by doing this could very well be that of a family member, close friend or who knows, maybe even your own.


Vic Grace said...

I will I have bookmarked to read at when I have more time.

Anonymous said...

As I "said" on Linda's site just a moment ago, this is a great use of your voice. I believe that education is the way to curb the spread of the disease. If our teens don't know or believe that unprotected sex or unsafe drug use really could lead to a shortened and difficult life due to HIV/AIDS, how on earth can we expect them to safeguard themselves? And it's not just our teens. It's men, women, and youth everywhere who can become infected. I'm not telling you anything you don't already know. What's heartbreaking are the little babies that are born already infected because their moms didn't realize the needle they used for their latest, greatest high not only infected them, but the tiny little life they were supposed to be protecting as well...
Everybody needs to be educated. And everybody needs to be loved through the process of getting help to deal with the symptoms and the heartache...
Good job on the post, my dear.
Sandy L.
"Some days, you just want the dragon to win."

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SingingOwl said...

Okay, I too will come back and read later. And CUTE pics up top!
Happy New Year!

Linda L Rucker said...

Jeni, thanks for the push. It is writers like you who will help us in this fight. I will gladly accept any and all publicity for this cause.
Mike and I have some pretty big plans for W.H.A.T. and we will be posting information almost daily so folks will know that we mean business!
Many thanks for your support.

Debo Blue said...

Thanks for such an informative and timely post. As a Black woman I know that the fastest group that is being 'hit' by the HIV & AIDS epidemic so this is great publicity for a dangerous enemy.

PS-American Express, GAP and other companies are joining to help combat AIDs and you and your readers can visit blog(red) for additional info.

Again, great job!

Paige said...

It is a very big real problem. I have been telling my children since the 1980's to always, always use a "rain coat" because even the first time can kill 'em, but they wouldn't know if for years or even decades.

On another note thanks for being so kind in your comments at my place.

Smalltown RN said...

I found your site through debo blue. I have read all of your posts you write very well and are a great advocate for supporting the eradication of HIV/AIDS. I was telling debo blue that I visit another site that mentioned about research that was done in Africa/Uganda regrading the decrease in the number of cases of HIV in what they believe is directly related to circumcision. I have many thoughts on that but at the end of the day I believe it is education/prevention that will eradicate HIV. I will certainly check out the site you mention.

Thank you for a wonderful post.

crpitt said...

Thanks for plugging this important issue i will read some of it now! I am volunteering this year at a needle exchange and/or a homeless hostel,i know we have to do some AIDs awareness stuff, so thanks again.