Monday, January 15, 2007

A Really "Off" Topic

Tonight, the topic will be something I normally wouldn't discuss here - although none of my kids, certainly my ex-husband too, would have no qualms about discussing this either. But, my son, home for the day from being out on the road for the past week, told us a story of what happened to him, while sleeping in the bunk of the truck he runs with his boss and shortly thereafter, I happened to be reading one of my favorite blogs and as it turns out it was the "topic du jour" at Meloncutters Musings today.

That subject, normally taboo for polite discussion, none other than flatulence, or more commonly known as "farting."

If you go to Meloncutters Musings, you'll see he has given a list of rules of etiquette for proper farting - all of which, when I read his list off to my son, met with his utmost approval too. Just goes to show you no matter how hard one tries, you can't always guarantee your kids will learn a silly little thing called "couth."

The story my son told us - my daughter Mandy and me - went like this though.

He was in the sleeper of the truck -his boss was driving, moving nicely down the highway and Clate was sleeping every so nicely, dreaming sweet dreams as they say.

In his case, he said he was dreaming he was farting for the entertainment or teasing (take your pick there) his sisters and the more that they laughed in his dream at his farts and the noise, the louder they got too. So loud in fact, that they woke him up as he realized he wasn't dreaming about farting, was doing just that in his sleep!

He pulled the curtain back that separated him as he slept from his boss, working, driving along and apologized to him for any undue noises, etc. and explained what had happened in his dream.

Fortunately, the noise of the truck drowns out sounds like that and his boss got a little giggle out of Clate's initial embarassment.

However, we - his sisters and I - and anyone else who might happen to be around, for that matter, all know it won't stop him from doing what he loves so much to do - exercises in flatulence, you could say.

But, I guess since he agreed with everything Meloncutter had to say on this topic, he must already have the Rules of Etiquette with respect to Flatulence all down pat!

And that folks, is all I'm going to say on this "topic of the day."


masgblog said...

flatulance and nosepicking are two very critical parts of life's operations....good post!

I am going to check out meloncutter's as well..

Gene Bach said...

Ah, the joys of farting! My mom once told me I seemed to have the ability to fart on command.

Remember, the best place to let'er go is in a place that is both crowded and noisy. LOL!