Saturday, April 07, 2007

Crazy Saturday Jumbles

Wow! It's been an interesting day thus far, to say the least!
First, drop back to yesterday, when I never even got around to doing a post.
I got into some hot water yesterday because you see, it was my oldest child's birthday and not just any birthday, but she hit the big 40. And when she called me yesterday to chitty-chat a bit, I had a kazillion things floating about in my pea brain that I had to tell her about. Now, when I get multiple things moving in my mind at once, I have to try to speak them as soon as possible or one or several will manage to go off track on me and I will forget it completely or forget when it was I wanted/needed to say about it -either/or will happen and then I will be ticked off, frustrated, unable to recall until later or sometimes till it is way too late period.

So I was unloading information packets to her, one after the other and somehow, by the time she hung up, I had never wished her a happy birthday although throughout the entire conversation, her birthday was floating there in the upper recesses or folds or whatever in my grey matter because I was trying to figure out if they were coming up for supper, what exactly would I cook for a nice birthday dinner for her and her fiance and maybe my grandson too!

So this morning, I tried to keep "birthday -Carrie" there as an uppermost thought in case she happened to call me. Well at about 10:45 the phone rang and I figured it might be her so when I picked up and heard her say hello, before she got another word out, I launched into singing - very VERY loudly too, I must add, "HAPPY BIRTHDAY" (belated version albeit) to her! I even have two books for her for her present too - although I haven't read either one (usually I read the books I plan to give my kids as gifts first just to ascertain which one would be the better gift for which kid, etc.)

The upshot of the conversation with daughter Carrie today was that she and her fiance had to go to the ER at 5 a.m. this morning as he was in excruciating pain. Two hours later, he's still being checked and she had to leave because she is a home health care assistant and had to go work for 2 1/2 hours with one of her clients. When she returned to the ER to pick him up - as they has then said he could come home - they knew the answer to his issue - two kidney stones. OUCH! I sure as heck don't envy him that and I doubt anyone reading this who has ever had even a touch of a kidney stone issue would either.

But today, while doing my "rounds" visiting my favorite bloggers, I saw so many really neat things there that I just have to comment on them.

My first stop - "A Blue State Of Mind" written by a sweetheart lady out in Phoenix (Debo Blue) whose topic today was really an ode to her little one-year-old niece. And if you look further down through some of Debo's other posts, you'll see where she has a picture posted of this little darling. Just brought to my mind how comforting it is when I pick up my grandson and the first thing he does, often, is to just fold himself against me, so soft, so loving, so trusting and boy, such a nice feeling it gives one to hold a little one, snuggling against you like that. Tensions do just seem to flow like a river out of you at times like that. Indeed, they do, Debo!

My next stop was to check in on the SmallTown RN up in British Columbia to just look in on her as yesterday, she had some very upsetting, unsettling news about her sister who had just been diagnosed with Breast Cancer. RN writes an excellent blog, posts some great photos too of the landscape in her neck of the woods that makes you want to pull up stakes and head to the Great Northwest and escape the travails of whatever one's current world holds. Stop by her place, read a while and tell her to BELIEVE (she'll know what you mean if you put it in caps) pertaining to her sister.

I left RN's place and headed off to visit my good Buddy "Rotten Robert" over in Calgary, Alberta to see how he's coming along in his bid to run for President of the US. Yes, I know he's Canadian, he knows that too but well understand all this, you really need to go read what Bob has to say about politics and lots and lots of other subjects he tackles all the time. Fair warning though, when reading Bob's stuff, I recommend you do NOT take a sip of any beverage or be eating anything as you could find yourself having to do a really hurried job of cleaning off your keyboard, desk - whole nine yards, along with running a huge risk of choking yourself in the process.

Moving along, there's my favorite law student who posts some of the neatest pictures, lately has been listing music she's tuned into and gee, she's now put up the beginning of a new MEME, to begin next Tuesday. Give her a visit and sit back and relax -enjoy your stay there. Tell her I sent you too.

After Shelby's stop, I went on to see how Nicole made out yesterday with her visit to see her husband. She's one super lady who has a whole lot to juggle on her plate these days and is doing a darned great job making the best of a terrible situation. I think you'll love reading the two poems she has posted today too though.

My next stop - this one requires fair warning too if you've never visited this guy's place it's also one where you enter at your own risk, don't drink, don't eat while reading his stuff. Produce is his name, definitely good humor his game although some of it isn't for the faint of heart at times. Just procede with an open mind there is about all I can say as you really have to experience his blog yourself to get the true picture.

Now so far, in these blog travels today, I've led you from Arizona up to British Columbia, then to Alberta, Canada, from there down to Alabama (or is it Mississipi where my law student lives), then back up to Pennsylvania, down to Georgia and though I did visit other blogs after this, I'm going to end this post by taking you back up to British Columbia -to the real outback territory where Vic lives and she like Smalltown RN often posts wonderful pictures of the scenery around her. Vic's post today which actually is about Good Friday (yesterday) is an excellent writing - as are all her posts -and because of the topic, the holiday we are observing this weekend, I'll let you read for yourself what an excellent observation she makes that really could/should apply to one and all, regardless of one's religious beliefs.

Now, I have to pull myself together a bit, pick up the rubble Miss Maya has left laying hither, thither and yon about the living room, scrub the area on a different wall that she manage to color today while I was talking to her aunt on the phone, figure out a meal plan for supper, just in case Carrie and Robert decide to come up - they better since her sister got a cake for her at the deli where she works -all decorated so pretty too with yellow writing, one big yellow rose and three "black" roses. The black roses are the mourning flowers for having left the 30's behind, the yellow one, Mandy says is for "hope" that the future is always brighter. Ya know, sometimes the things my kids come up with do really amaze me!

Today, Miss Maya also surprised me with two little things she said. One came about when I was clicking on the vote thing to Fuel My Blog for one of my favorite bloggers and when it registered my vote, Maya, standing by my side looked up at the screen and said "Ohhhh - Easter eggs." And, I thinking where the heck does this kid see "Easter eggs" but I looked where she was pointing and by darn, there was someone's Fuel My Blog photo consisting of yes, I guess, "Easter eggs." But where Maya learned about Easter eggs looking like that beats me.

Then, for our breakfast/lunch combined (Brunch works for me here) I fixed us something I haven't made in quite some time - pancakes. If it weren't for the fact they always tend to make me sooooo in need of a nap within 10 minutes of eating them, I'd probably make them more often too cause I love 'em. But anyway, I mixed up some batter - yes, from a mix, not from scratch - and as I was ladling out our pancakes, again Maya appeared by my side, points to the batter as it drizzled down to the griddle and she looks at me and says "Buttermilk?" HUH? I know she can recognize here name when it is printed out and I looked at the package but it said nothing of buttermilk on it and now, I'm wondering where she even learned the word, Buttermilk. Kids sure are amazing how they learn, pick up things we are totally unaware that they have even noticed much less processed it into their memory, aren't they?

Now, to get my last little detail over and done with on this post (I'm still processing thoughts on a post later today), here's those lovely Bushisms - one for yesterday because I didn't make a post and then one that covers for today and tomorrow combined.

Friday, APril6, 2007
"If this were a dictatorship, it would be a heck of a lot easier, just so long as I'm the dictator." - Washington, D.C.; December 18, 2002

For Saturday and Sunday, April 7th and 8th, 2007
"Laura and I are proud to call John and Michelle Engler our friends, I know you're proud to call him governor. What a good man the Englers are." - Grand Rapids, Michigan; November 3, 2000.

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lattégirl said...

You made me laugh with your description of trying to unload all those packets of information before you forget what you wanted to say!! You sound like my MOTHER! That's how she talks to me!