Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Red MO Race - history now!

I noticed tonight while looking over my sitemeter statistics that a lot of folks coming to my blog today got here from a search about the "Red Moshannon Down River Race" which took place this past Saturday and is now in canoe/kayak racing history.

For anyone looking here to see if I have photos posted from the race or results for the race - winners, etc - I apologize as I don't have either. (I wasn't able to go down to Peale to observe as I was in charge of my two younger grandkids plus three stepgrandchildren for the day and there's no way I'm lugging a rambunctious walking three-year old and carrying an equally rambunctious one-year old through all the foot traffic there!

However, if you haven't already checked the Centre Daily Times website in the Sunday edition (April 1st), here's the website for the article they posted about the race.

It's a really good piece, written by Mike Joseph of the CDT news staff and also included several great photos of the race, starting at the Peale bridge.

The Clearfield Progress in today's paper (Monday - April 2nd) had a photo on the front page of the race and states that they will publish results of the race later this week.

Excuse my grumpiness there about the Progress and their coverage of this event - the "results will be published later this week" thing and the lovely ONE PHOTO too, but that, in my opinion, is pretty much typical of anything that takes place in Clearfield County that doesn't happen right in CLEARFIELD! Well, geez Louise, excuse me all to you know where and back again!

The eastern portion of the county is generally referred to as the "Down River" region and every now and again, something neat and exciting does take place in this part of the county too! I.E. - The Red Mo Race that begins in Peale and ends at the bridge at the foot of the Moshannon Mountain, for openers!

Not that the CDT likes to give this region all that much recognition either most of the time - hey, I'm calling a spade a spade there - but the Progress touts itself as being THE Clearfield County Newspaper so it sure would be nice if they recognized news that happens in ALL parts of the darned county, don't 'cha think?

And, for any of you who might be interested in reading more about Peale and the surrounding communities, keep checking back here as I am in the process of putting together a new blog which will be a "sister-site" to the website currently shown on my blog - under the "favorite blogs I like to read" -Peale, The Ghost Coal Mining Town .

Stop back, look around, drop me a line through e-mail (found on my profile) or leave a comment (or two or more) on my blog too! (You can do this whether you have a blog or not - simply use the "anonymous" button to leave a comment if you aren't a blogger too.)

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Aaron said...

Good observation about about the Progress and CDT I feel the same way!