Monday, April 16, 2007


Something here has been violated. My space has been compromised and I am really upset. Downright hurt, to think someone would do this to me.

My desk calendar of the Daily Bushisms has been torn and a page missing.

I realized this at about 3 this morning when I thought I would get a jump start on things and do a post then that included the Bushism for today but when I turned to the page for April 16, 2007, it was not there.

Missing? How could that be? Perhaps I had in accidentally skipped over it because maybe two pages were stuck together or something like that. I double, then triple checked because I was in a state of shock, of disbelief. How could this be?

Upon a little closer inspection, it was apparent someone had cruelly ripped this page out. And, as neatly - or fairly neatly as it had been done and as difficult as I know it can be to rip a page out of this thing, it had to have been done by another adult in the house because ripping things neatly isn't one of Miss Maya's finer traits.

But who, who could have done this to one of my most precious possessions?

I can't prove anything as yet but I rather think it may have been an intruder in the house on Saturday, here to babysit the kids while we participated in the Cure Austism Walk who may have removed this. No one else in this house TOUCHES things on my desk if they want to live to tell about it -that is, if they are of the "adult" variety. (Miss Maya, being a far cry from adulthood and, of course, being the Princess that she is, can get away with a lot more in the line of criminal-type activity.)

So, the result - I have to go searching now to see if there is someone else who has the Bushism for today posted. Otherwise, how will I be able to function today not knowing what words of wisdom our great impeccable speaker and fearless leader had spoken at some time and place in the past?

The horror, I tell you, the horror of it all. I could just cry, sob, great big crocodile tears of anguish.

I think I'll do that now. The family will just think I am simply a bit more depressed so it won't be that big a shock to them as to my reasons for the tears. I simply can't accuse someone within the house of doing such an atrocious deed and certainly can't call the babysitter to ask her as most likely, she was unaware of how highly I value this calendar and treasure its contents.

Hope everyone else can adapt to this loss today. I'm trying, but it will be a difficult day, for sure.

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masgblog said...

I was going to dig it out for you, but I see that you found it....yay!