Tuesday, April 10, 2007

A Promise Made, A Promise Done

I've been promising for a week now that I would post the results from the Red Moshannon Downriver Race that took place on March 31st and now, I'm happy to post these here for your long-awaited reading pleasure. After typing in these results, I think I now know why I was getting numerous hits from a reader in Albion, Michigan over the past week too. Glad you came by to visit and hope you'll come back and visit often. Feel free to leave comments on the blog at any time as well so I know if you have other things I can find and post here for you to read.

Finally! The results are in! Published in today’s (April 10, 2007) issue of the Clearfield Progress, the winners of the 40th Red Moshannon Downriver Race. The following information is excerpted from the article written by Timothy Nebgen, Staff Writer.

This race is the oldest and largest on the East Coast and this year’s event had 217 racers in 154 boats going down the 7.5 mile stretch of the Red Moshannon. The race begins at the Peale Bridge, located below Grassflat, where the ghost coal mining town of Peale used to stand, and ends at the bridge on state Route 53 at the point where the Red Moshannon and Black Moshannon creeks converge.

The “Top Dog Award” for the fastest time of the day went to Jeff Rankinen and Todd Roadman who cmpleted the race in 44 minutes, 12 seconds.

The listings are first-, second-, and third-place winners in each category with their hometowns and times:

OC 2 WOMEN: Lee DeWolski, Waddle/Julia Smith, State College, 0:54:15; Rachel Doherty, Albion, Mich./Amy Lindman, 0:56:08; Katie Lucot/Kelly Lucot, Southampton, 0:59:26

K-1 WOMEN SHORT: Carol Yeckley, Morrisdale, 1:02:06; LeeAnn DeArmit, Pennsylvania Furnace, 1:04:26; Jean Voigt, Boalsburg, 1:10:44

K-1 WOMEN LONG: Susan Williams, Secane, 0:55:04; Diane Fisher, Kane, 0:57:15; Molly Sturniolo, Warriors Mark, 1:02:54

K-1 MEN SHORT: Ken Damelio, New Columbia, 0:55:11; Steven Smith, Curtisville, 0:56:03; John Workinger, Huntingdon, 0:57:58

K-1 MEN LONG: David Shubert, Gasport, NY, 0:54:36; Jesse Rakovan, Brookville, 1:03:22; Christopher Johns, Erie, DNF

OC 2 MIXED: Zaak Havens, Albion, Mich/Emily Magyar, Gables, Mich., 0:52:15; Jim Goochee, Port Allegheny/Teresa Stout, Sorsica, 0:54:56; Lauren Sugg/Jon Reynolds; 0:55:13

K-2 REC UNLIMITED: Arpad Batizy, Medina, Ohio/Tass Batizy, Erie, 0:52:52; Ron Matchock/Hunter McClelland, Ramey, 1:00:50; Ryan Coleman, Julian/Scott Dehart, Julian, 1:19:30

OC 2 OVER/UNDER: Randy Stout/Logan Stout, Corsica, 0:53:44; Todd Shaffer/Scott Shaffer, Drumore, 0:56:57; Jake Smith, Williamsport/Rick Shumaker, Binghamton, 0:57:28

K-1 WOMEN UNLIMITED: Joanne Simpson, Littlestown, 0:55:10; Dawn McCracken, Curwensville, 0:55:54; Linda Kay Volpe, Grampian, 0:55:58

K-1 MEN UNLIMITED: Andrew Augustine, Throop, 0:53:38; Brian English, Morrisdale 0:53:54; Jared Shrader, Lewisburg, 0:54:20

k-1 men unlimited composite: Doug Keiper, Celebration, Fla., 0:52:31

OC 2 CENTURY: Ken Gerg, Emporium/Glen Vandewinckel, Webster, NY, 0:53:49; Michael Burk, Ebensburg/Greg Gdula, Johnstown, 0:54:28; Howard Pillot, State College/Edward Prince, 0:54:34

OC 2 SHORT: Randy Bailey, Driftwood/Alex Kostra, Transfer, 0:52:20; Chuck Wendler, Lanse/Bob Horton, Clearfield, 0:53:36; John Koenig/William Koenig, 0:53:44

And, just to clarify something too - if anyone reading this happened to be a customer at the grocery store near to Grassflat and overheard some employee of that store talking about having a state police officer posted along the road past our house on the morning of the race so as to keep people from speeding along there, she really was only joking! That would have been my daughter and she would really like to see some participants slow down a bit enroute down to the Peale bridge and for that matter, so would I. I'd really hate to see anyone get a speeding ticket or worse, be in an accident on their way down to the race. Only want to post your name and time it took you to get down the Red Mo to the bridge -no "high speed driving awards" on the highways, just the waterways. Fair enough?

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