Thursday, April 12, 2007

Tuckered Out

Today has been one wild and funny day! So many things happened today that had all of us laughing and laughing -from Miss Maya this morning and her antics in the kitchen, little Kurtis pulled a number on me very reminiscent of something his mother used to do around his age. I cooked a big supper tonight -meatloaf, two veggies, pasta plus fresh hot Swedish Rye bread right out of the oven. The camaraderie tonight between my son and daughter along with the 15-year-old was just excellent - so nice, sooo very good to see everyone joking, teasing and the house full of laughter. Wish it were like that every day!

Because I am really super tired tonight - a rare thing for me at this hour, I know - I'm only going to share one small item that had us all howling tonight. Then post the Bushisms for Wednesday and Thursday too - kill two birds with one stone -er post, that is! And after that, off to bed for me!

Ok - here's the scene. Kate was going to send a cute little thank you card to her great-aunt Cyndi to thank her for taking her to Dubois shopping yesterday and for lunch - whole nine yards ya know. So, things started going downhill for her -by that I mean she became the brunt of a lot of the wise cracks that flew about - early on as she was trying to compose her own little thank you message. It started with "how do you spell "old fashioned" - followed quickly with "field," does the "i" come first or the "e" to which I replied "I before E except after C" and she muttered that she had spelled the word wrong then as she had the e first. I then said to sound it out - and that what she had written was "fee ild" not "field" which brought a look from her with much eye-ball rolling and groaning. Eventually, she put the card in the envelope, sealed it and proceeded to address it - then wanted to know where to put the stamp and a couple more of her "normal" yet down right goofy questions for one who is 15-years-old and a freshman in high school. Gees, I knew where the postage stamp went on an envelope way before that age! Okk, I was nice on that one and said nothing.

Shortly after she had this card all addressed, stamp in place, etc., and laying on the counter for my daughter to mail it out tomorrow, Mandy happened to pick it up and started to laugh.

"Kate! How do you expect this card to get to Cyndi's place anyway?" she asked. And Kate's repy was something to the effect of put it in the mailbox and they'll deliver it.

However, Mandy then showed the card to my son and me and we both about split our sides laughing because as neatly as possible, Kate had addressed the card to herself with the return address being that of her Aunt Cyndi's! I mean - come on folks - who the heck at age 15 doesn't know how to address an envelope anyway? So the rest of the evening, Kate took a heck of a ribbing about addressing envelopes and such - anything anyone could think of to toss a wise crack her way, that's where it went.

Ok - doesn't sound near as funny written out as it was when we were looking at that envelope but trust me, it was hilarious at the time. Guess you had to be here, huh?

Or maybe I am just too doggone tired tonight cause I am bushed - no pun intended there as I move on here and post two Bushisms tonight for your reading pleasure.

Wednesday - April 11, 2007
"We don't want to discourage the innovators and those who take risks because they're afraid of getting sued by a lawsuit." - Washington, D.C.; June 24, 2004

Thursday, April 12, 2007
"It's very important for folks to understand that when there's more trade, there's more commerce." Quebec City, Canada; April 21, 2001.

And, with that wonderful quote that lead me to say a simple "DUH!" I'm shutting down shop for tonight. Provided I remember all the "fun and jocularity" that happened here today, I may try to remember it and use that for my post for tomorrow then! How about them apples, huh?

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lattégirl said...

And there I was, too embarassed to tell ANYONE that my Teen, at age 17 last year, didn't know how to address an envelope!!! Or even where to write a message inside a greeting card... he wrote things all scrunched up in either the top left corner or down at the bottom.

I, also, most definitely had these skills down pat well before 17... or 15...