Tuesday, April 10, 2007

One, Two, Three

Ok! I've got the "earworm" thingy going on in my head right now. I owe it all to Miss Maya, my little princess here too. She loves to watch the Country Music Channel and the country music videos - of course. One of her favorite videos and which she has picked up the first line of it and has been singing it over and over here all day is the one by Tim McGraw -his latest hit - "One, two three, like a bird I sing." Maya sings it but changed the last word in that line to "tree." I suppose that made more sense to her that way - I dunno. I'm surprised she didn't pick up the lines in the song - the "Ha ha ha" part.

But of course, although she's been chortling that song all day, when the next-door-neighbor happened by and I asked her to sing for Deb, she said she was "All done, all done." Translated from Maya-ese, that means simply, don't bother asking me to do anything YOU want! Yeah, she's a little bit on the bull-headed side - like as stubborn as the proverbial mule, ya know.

The Easter weekend flew by - or so it seemed. Mandy, the little guy and Grammy here made it to the 10 a.m. church service. No way on earth were we going to do the sunrise service at 7 a.m.! No way, JOSE! It was a very beautiful service though, good sermon, and on the last hymn, apparently Kurtis wanted to let everyone know he likes music too because he began to do his own particular brand of "singing" too. Nope, not crying, but putting forth his best attempt at making as much other noise as his little voice would allow. Maybe we have two up-and-comers here in the house to the music world a few years down the line. Who knows?

Yesterday, the older daughter's fiance came up, bringing with him my little Prince, Alex, the older grandson and they brought more Easter candy - which Miss Maya really needed (like another whole in the head ya know), plus some cute shirts for both kids, a whole casual outfit for old Gram (knee-length white pants, a pretty shell and a very sharp blue and white casual camp shirt to go with it. And then, Alex and Robert rolled in the big gun item - a really snazzy two-wheeler bike - with training wheels of course - for the Princess!

The bike was somewhat of a shock to my system, needless to say. Maya has a little low-rider type bike - hard-plastic type - but it works fine for in the house, for her purposes and although she's had it since last summer, she still isn't really adept at the pedal thing. This bike - the new one - she is in awe of it, yes. She can get on it and sit there, but doesn't grasp the pedal concept any better really with it than she does with the low-rider bike. And too, this one, once she gets her little self up on it, she can't get back down so she sits there, wiggles the handlebars and such till she gets bored with that and then she whines till someone comes and lifts her off it.

The weather here over the weekend was something else too - SNOW! We had maybe an inch or a little over that on the ground here Sunday morning but we were lucky compared to a town about 25-30 miles to the west of us - good old Curwensville - where they ended up with an accumulation of eight (8) inches of the wet, white stuff. Better them than us is all I have to say about that scene!

I've been trying to keep tabs now on the weather forecasts for this coming weekend - particularly for Saturday - for the Cure Autism Now walk the family is going to be participating in - and right now, the forecast is for temperatures around 63 but the icon showing for that day also indicates some potential for rain. Hope it doesn't come about until way, way late in the day!

Donations to our team have still be coming in too - and we have matching funding coming too through Thrivent - the Lutheran service group -of up to $1,000. So if we can collect at least $1,000 to go to Cure Autism Now, that would give us a donation of $2,000 total or more if we go over $1,000 in our collections. Here's hoping we get that and then some!

If you'd like to help our cause - here's the website http://www.psucureautismnow.org/
Go there, click on register or donate and from there, just search for "Maya's Team" and you can help us move closer toward our goal. But it isn't just getting our team closer to OUR goal, but to get the Cure Autism Now closer to their goal of finding the cause and ways to help people who have this disorder.

Having seen first hand how much good has come from the therapists who come to the house every week, for only an hour each, with our little Princess here, it shows me that much -so very much - can be accomplished. And also, shows how much still needs to be done too, but it's a very positive stream flowing here in that respect now - that much I have to say too.

And now - gotta go try to get some things ready for supper tonight so here's the closer for today - yep - you guessed it - the Bushism for the day.

Tuesday, April 10, 2007
"This campaign not only hears the voices of the entrepreneurs and the farmers and the entrepreneurs, we hear the voices of those struggling to get ahead." - Des Moines, Iowa; August 21, 2000.

And, that one really has me wondering though - how well do ANY politicians today hear the voices of the many in this country to "get ahead?" Sometimes, it sure does appear the only voice heard in that respect is one crying in their heads of "how well will I be able to get ahead" with no concern for the general public.


TomCat said...

Have a great walk next weekend.

Linda said...

Thank you so much for stopping by my blog! I really appreciate the visit! Looks like I've got some reading to do here on your page, too!

My best friend in California has a son who is autistic and I am always so amazed at what she has done for him. She is one of the strongest women I know as Daniel is severely autistic and is barely capable of any form of communication as well as having some rather violent mood swings. He is 19 now and soon she knows that he will be going into placement. It was a hard decision for she and her husband to make but they are both getting to the point where they are physically incapable of taking care of him (she has fibromyalgia pretty badly and her husband is having arthritis issues) as when Daniel acts out, chances are good that someone will get hurt.

Right now they are waiting on a home for placement and the date has been moved back over and over and over again which just makes it that much harder for her as even though she has steeled herself for the heartbreak that this will bring, it just makes it that much more difficult to wait.

She is my hero as well as my friend and I admire and respect any and all parents who have children with autism or Downs Syndrome or any other developmental disability. God bless you all!

Smalltown RN said...

wow sounds like you had a full house and full weekend....lucky little Mya got some nice treats....for your sake I hope the weather improves...if not....just bundle up...move those arms and sing some songs along the way.....

masgblog said...

earworms....I am not a country fan, but in our BodyPump class, there is a bicep track that is done to 'Save a Horse, Ride a Cowboy'....there you go...a new earworm for you.