Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Proof Positive!

Remember, I told you I would have photos to prove that I took part in the Cure Autism Now Walk this past Saturday (April 14th) in State College, and I've got them now! The photo on the left is Maya's Team, consisting of -from left to right, but zig-zagging around -my daughter, Carrie, her fiance, Robert, then my son Clayton, in front of Clayton is a dear family friend, Amie Mather, behind Amie is Lois Older, a co-worker of Mandy's, then in front is my grandson Alex, daughter Mandy behind him, in front, Mandy's younger stepdaughter, Sierra, who is 11, behind Sierra is Maya's therapist, Kerri Cowfer, and on the right is my high school friend, Sharon Rolley. Apretty good-looking team, don't you agree?
The two women in the center of the photo would be my friend from high school, Sharon and ME, as we finished up the walk in "record" time for a couple of older pace-setters - 55 minutes and 58 seconds, to be exact. And, there were people taking part in the walk, much younger than us who came in behind us too. Now how's that for pretty doggone neat?

This photo to the right is Amie Mather, a very close family friend, my grandson, Alexander -isn't he just a handsome young fellow -and my son, Clayton. This was after the walk was over and Amie was getting ready to leave to return to her home outside of Gettysburg. Sure was good to see her again and meant a whole lot to all of us that she wanted to come up for the weekend for the sole purpose of walking with us for this cause and as part of Maya's Team.

The young women in the photo to the left are, from left to right, my daughter, Mandy (Maya's mother) and Kerri Cowfer, one of Maya's two therapists. Kerri has worked with Maya since July of 2005, for behavior and play therapy issues and truly, she has worked wonders with our little Princess. When Kerri first started working with Maya, the little princess thought picking up a piece of paper and running through the house, carrying that piece of paper, was "playing." With Kerri's help, she now generally plays very appropriately with virtually any type toys - whether they are hers or her baby brothers!

Here's Mandy's co-worker, Lois Older, on the left and on the right, Sharon Rolley with a very famous entity for all Penn State fans, the Nittany Lion! WE ARE!

We were really lucky in that the rainy weather initially predicted for our walk day didn't show up and rain on our parade and we all really did have a very fun time, walking and raising money to benefit the Cure Autism Now Organization's Penn State Branch. And, what's more, we're making plans now to enter in the walk next year too only then, we plan to be much better organized and hopefully, to have a lot more walkers too on our team!

And, the Bushism of the day for today, April 18, 2007 is:
"Keep good relations with the Grecians." - As quoted in The Economist; June 12, 1999.
(For whatever that is worth or whatever it means - who knows!)


masgblog said...

I think it is most excellent that you did this...Congratulations!

Sorry ...I haven't been around much....have a deadline at work that is keeping me hopping....

Shelby said...

This is fantastic work and what great photo memories of it too!! You did so good :)