Monday, April 23, 2007

New Additions

I made some changes to my blog tonight -or rather, this morning since it is now after midnight on the east coast and therefore yes, it is officially morning. Barely, but it is according to the clock on my computer now 12:48 a.m. and the date is registering that it is now Monday, April 23, 2007.

And, what is it you ask that I did to my blog? Well, hopefully -if I did it right - I made some changes to the font, although at a glance, it doesn't look like anything got changed there.

I think I changed a little bit of how my "favorites" appear - I clicked for them to be in italics but you have to remember this is me, the totally technically challenged one and what I thought I did might not be what blogger thinks and says I did to it. We shall see. Time will tell.

One thing I changed actually amounts to five changes though. I added five new blogs to my list of favorites I like to read. I hope you'll look down through the list, take note of the new additions, check them out and tell each one I sent you there! Reciprocation - I think that's what it's called, isn't it? I dunno. I just came across these particular blogs recently, liked them a lot and decided I wanted to have the convenience of being able to just slide the mouse over to each new title, click on the link and voila, presto magic and all that poppycock, the blog pulls up without my having to open a new window, go up to my favorites and hope my lousy vision, even with the new glasses, lets me find the blog I wanted to keep up with. This way, it will be five more blogs added to my daily regime of favorite blogs I like to read and/or visit. That much more time consumed before I have to pull myself away from the computer and go wash dishes, or do something for Maya or Kurtis, fix supper, answer the phone. You know - all the little minutia one has to deal with, day in, day out.

Let me tell you now which blogs are the new ones -in case you aren't personally familiar with those on my listing of favorites.

First there is Burnett's Urban Etiquette - done by a gentleman who works for the Miami Times Herald as a journalist. This is a very nice, well-written, thought-provoking blog. My buddy, Bob Johnson, up in Calgary, Alberta, Canada, who writes Letters I Wish I'd Sent and Bob's Odder Blog pointed me in the direction of the "Urban Etiquette" blog as well as to this one - A Twist of Humor - written by Mike Cook, yet another Canadian blogger. Mike's from Newfoundland, which if I remember my geography lessons correctly, is in the eastern coastline of Canada. Boy, I hope to heck I got that right or I'll have to stop lecturing my kids and grandkids too on the importance of learning basic geography and where different provinces in Canada as well as states in the U. S. are located - yadda, yadda. Think I wouldn't do that to my kids and grandkids? Think again! Anyway, check out both of those new blogs as I thought they were really very interesting, funny, educational too.

The next blog I'd like to recommend is Life in General and Other things, written by a lady in Mishawaka, Indiana by the name of Sylvia. She gives her thoughts on lots of things - many pertaining to things I can relate to - like getting older, remembering how things used to be and well, just a nice take on life, in general.

My fourth addition gives a perspective that often revolves around sports - in particular just about any sport that the city of Pittsburgh, PA has to offer in the way of a professional team. Ok, I admit I'm a baseball fan and the old Pirates just happen to be my team of choice when I am given an option to root for specifics. I acquired my liking for the Pirates from my grandfather and one of his sisters - my Great-aunt Esther - both of these relatives of mine were dyed-in-the-wool Pirates fans and I figured if they liked the Pirates, that was good enough for me. This blog, Rinsem's Rink, also offers a lot more than just posts about the Pirates or the Steelers, or any other sport - he has a lot of neat You-tube videos plus, he's writing a book and posting chapters or portions of what he has completed to date that makes for a little other diversionary reading.

The last blog I added is Douce - written by Heather B. Armstrong, a young married woman who lives in Utah. Ok, that's not all there is to her blog but it's one that is not for the faint of heart if reading a word now and again that would come under the heading of "expletive deleted." Yeah, forewarned is forearmed there ya know. But, Heather's posts about her life today, her family, the region where she lives, her "former" life too - I'll give you another little warning if you read her blog - don't do it with a mouth full of food or liquid refreshment! You might end up either choking or having to clean up your desk, the keyboard, the monitor - anything in range, because most of her posts are really, really funny! Yes, she's my kind of writer too - throws in generous, very generous amounts of sarcasm and any one who really knows me, knows I pretty much thrive on sarcasm. Just ask my kids if you want to verify that assertion. They'll tell you. On second thought, maybe you shouldn't ever ask my kids anything about me because they tend to lie and tell people what an evil, mean, miserable, miserly, obnoxious old battle-ax I am. Okay, if they tell you that it's probably all true but my son and sometimes my daughters too, will tell you that was me then when they were kids, that isn't me now, the grandmother of their sweet, little darlings. Nope. As Bill Cosby has said and my son likes to point this out, I am now "an old person just trying to get into heaven."

So there you have it - my five new additions. Check 'em out and I think you will be pleasantly surprised at what is waiting for you behind each click.

Now, to show I am trying - at least now or for this week - to change my mode of operation, get organized, stay on top of things, etc., etc., here's the Bushism for today, Monday, April 23, 2007.

(I think you'll all get as big a charge out of this one as I did too.)

"We're concerned about AIDS inside our White House - make no mistake about it." - Washington, D.C.; February 7, 2001.


Shelby said...

Happy Monday and beginning of the week!

You have some great new blogs listed and I shall check them out! I love finding new stuff to read.

take care,

Shelby said...

I'm back! I went to visit Life in General . . . she has a wonderful blog!! Now off to parts unknown..

theauthormike said...

Hey Jeni Woman, Yeah, he is concerned, afraid that he might catch it from casual contact (not possible). But outside of the White House he has no concers about it. I love your stories and the talk of your family. It makes me feel like I am a part of them.

Paula said...

Thanks for the great links. It's always fun to check out new blogs and to see which ones other people like to read...