Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Shock Waves!

Early this evening, a lady from our church stopped by the house to review the documentation I have so far that must be turned in to the people at Thrivent Lutheran Services. This is to see if we met all the goals required by Thrivent in order for them to match up to $1,000 of the donations we collected through our team, Maya's Team, during the 3K Walk to benefit the Cure Autism Now fund.

Although my paperwork still isn't completed, as of tonight, we have $918 recorded donations, plus I have a check here for $20 to be submitted directly to Cure Autism Now. Also, I noticed on our donations recordings that although they have credited our team with two checks I turned in at the time of the walk, there is another check, for $10.00, that has not yet found its way to being added into our totals. I'm also trying to contact someone at the home office of Cure Autism Now to see if they will allow the three walkers who were not preregistered before the walk to have their fees credited to our team's account. If they do that and also locate the "missing" check, that would take our total collections up then to $993 and provided we are completely cleared then by Thrivent for the matching funds, would give a total donation from our team then of almost $2,000. I had added the numbers up earlier this evening in my head and had calculated we could end up with $1,003 but I see now that I had double-counted the missing check for $10. Hey, if we end up with $993 and that figure is doubled, it's still a darned respectable figure for our first time around the block with this fund raiser stuff.

And, I already have lots of ideas for the walk next year that we can implement on our team to get even more sponsors for our teams. GO MAYA'S TEAM! That's going to be our slogan -maybe.

While the lady from church was here, Kurtis and Maya seemed to be taking turns to see who could make the most noise, be the most disruptive and generally, cause some disorder for old Grammy.

But, I think Maya won that little contest. Kurtis had eventually decided he would take a little nap - get rested up for the next go-round ya know - and Maya was playing around fairly quietly on the floor when all of a sudden, totally seeming to come out of nowhere, was this extremely loud - and I do mean VERY, VERY LOUD blast of music. It almost knocked both of us off our chairs. It woke Kurtis up, very frightened, screaming, crying and when I looked for Maya, she was cowering between the sofa and the cedar chest that serves as a coffee table.

Well, now I figured out right away what had happened and also, who the perpetrator of this sudden blast of rock and roll music was too. Apparently Miss Maya was fiddling around with the buttons and knobs on the cd/tape player/radio and had managed to turn on the cd player in which the stepgranddaughter had one of her cds and Maya had also apparently moved the volume control up to full blast too.

I wish this little scare today would have some lasting effect on her - to impel her to keep her little fingers away from things she shouldn't be playing with. But, unfortunately, I rather suspect that won't be the case.

It did however apparently scare her enough today that she decided to lay down on the floor and rest, relax and take a nap though. Ok a temporary respite is better than none, isn't it?

And now, the Bushism for Tuesday, April 24, 2007

"In this job you've got a lot on your plate on a regular basis; you don't have much time to sit around and wander, lonely, in the Oval Office, kind of asking different portraits, 'How do you think my standing will be?'" - Washington, D.C.; March 16, 2005

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