Saturday, March 30, 2013

Grandkids! Such Fun (most of the time)

Sometimes, the things that the grandkids do and say here really provide for a whole lot of entertainment!

Today -since the kids didn't have school because of it being their Easter Vacation -was a day with some really funny things coming from Kurtis!

Thankfully, his TSS -Miss Dawn -was here for much of the day, working with him and trying to help keep him in line, on the "straight and narrow" behavior path, ya know. So compared to a lot of other days, it was actually a pretty good one with him.

It started this morning though when I was in the bathroom and noticed that the roll of toilet paper on the holder was wet. So wet in fact, that you couldn't find the end of the sheet to get any paper to use!

Hmmm. Wonder how that got that way was the thought going through my mind and what was it that was the wet substance there anyway? (A bit scary ya know when you encounter a situation like that!)

Well, I took the wet roll of toilet paper off and replaced it with a fresh -and dry -roll and then, when I exited the bathroom, I called out to the grandkids to ask which one of them had managed to get the roll of toilet paper all wet?

Maya gave me her standard answer to most any query made to her about anything that has happened in the house or to or about Kurtis as she called down to me that she had nothing to do with that.

Kurtis didn't respond immediately but a few minutes later he came downstairs and informed me that it was his fault the toilet paper got wet.

Okay -so he 'fessed up but then I asked him how that had happened -and also, where he got the water that got it all wet too?

His explanation -as many of those things tend to be with him -was pretty convoluted here and there and I had a hard time trying to keep a straight face as I listened to him tell me the what and why of the wet roll of toilet paper.

Seems he wanted to surprise his Mom and make a paper mache for her because "the giraffe was getting kind of bent, ya know."

Hmmm. What giraffe? I had no idea that we had even a paper mache giraffe here to begin with but he apparently knows of one and well, it needed to be fixed so instead of fixing it, he had decided he needed to make an elephant paper mache to give to his Mom when she got home!

By that time I was really totally confused as I had no clue what in blazes he was referring to!

However, as I mentioned to Miss Dawn and also, noted this on my Facebook status when I wrote about this episode with him that I was quite pleasantly surprised not just that he planned to make a paper mache elephant out of wet toilet paper but also, that he had taken the roll off the holder, held it under the spigot in the vanity sink and then, put it back on the rod and put the rod back onto the toilet paper holder too!

Actually, I was shocked that this 7-year-old had done that considering the fact that there have been several people who have resided in this house over the years -adults, mind you -who didn't have a clue as to how to take an empty toilet paper roll off the rod and replace it with a full roll of paper and then, also, to put the whole thing back on the holder too!

One of the little things in life here that frequently has annoyed the living daylights out of me!

Apparently this paper mache thing  was something that was uppermost in Kurt's mind though as he kept talking about making this gift for his Mom and trying to explain the ins and outs of what would be needed to do that and would either Miss Dawn or Gram help him gather the materials he felt would be needed.

I told him it sounded to me like making something like that would probably result in making a big mess and if that happened, he would be the one who would have to clean it up and did he really want to do that?

Well, he wasn't too sure about that so kept on badgering us about this subject.

Then he started looking all around in the kitchen -opening cupboards and checking things on the counter, etc., and muttering he whole time about there being something wrong here. Miss Dawn asked him what was wrong and he said that it was "Someone is taking my objects and this is very strange!"

I had ti laugh then when Miss Dawn's response to him was that yes, she agreed with him that it was very strange here but that she thought it was him who was the one who was a bit strange!"

He then told her he was searching for a frozen rubber band that he had apparently put in the freezer -for what reason, neither Miss Dawn or I have no clue as to what he would want/need with a frozen rubber band. However, I have been on the lookout all day long then for this mysterious missing frozen rubber band and still trying to figure out what the heck he was thinking of with that idea!

Suprisingly enough the bulk of the day though actually was pretty peaceful in that there was very little squabbling that took place between him and Maya today. And any day they are both here -together -all day -and they don't have a whole lot of bossiness going on to him by Maya or pushing/shoving/hitting in his direction from Miss Maya is considered pretty much a day sent straight from heaven!

Now, I wonder what Saturday -and also Sunday -will bring!

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