Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Weather and Dog!

Boy, is winter ever going to go away this year?

Last week, the forecast was for snow on Friday. We were prepared but the snow didn't arrive.

Saturday morning though, we got up to a coating of snow on the ground already and it snowed all darned day! Sure made travel more than a bit edgy for the funeral at our church that day. One couple had to come up over Tyrone Pike -a two-laned highway with loads and loads of sharp curves as it winds up the mountain. Not a really easy road to drive on when the weather is nice, much less when its pelting down snow like there's no tomorrow. And another family came up Rte 322 -over SkyTop and Port Mountains -both 4-lane highways but also up and down two mountains. Thankfully, they arrived and no mishaps!

Monday, in anticipation of a bad weather day, school was cancelled for the day. It snowed off and on -making the roads greasy for sure. Luckily, I didn't have to venture out but Mandy had work and I was concerned about her travel back home as the weather was to deliver freezing rain last night. Apparently some place around this region did get some of that nuisance weather but if it did hit down here, it must have arrived after Mandy got home last night from work.

Today, it was supposed to be rain and some snow but this morning, the sun was out -very bright, very pretty, just not very warm though.

Last night, I took the dog out for a late-night walk and he was happy as a clam, running around (on his leash) into the snow, being very playful too.

Today, Mandy and I decided to take advantage of the apparent break in the weather and run over to Clearfield to do our monthly stock-up on groceries at Walmart.

When I was about ready to leave, it was decided I should probably take the mutt out then for a little exercise -and chance to clean out his innards to (hopefully) prevent any accidents and issues in the house while we were gone.

I took him for a walk down the road and he flat out refused to go off the road and into the snow-covered ground around there! WTH! He would walk along the side of the road, on the berm, and search out (or so it seemed) larger sized mounds of snow to do a little watering but that was all. Didn't even put his nose down to the ground at all the way he usually does when he's searching a good spot to do other things.

So, back home we came.

I had to print out my list of things I wanted/needed to purchase -which took me maybe 2 minutes if that -and in that short period of time, when I got up from the computer, what did I find?

A nice -NOT -little pile of poo on the living room floor!

This no more than 5 minutes after we came in from taking a walk so he could relieve himself outside!

Sometimes, this mutt is just pure frustration for me!

He's lucky I love the little buggar or he'd might have been sent to live elsewhere by this time!

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