Monday, March 11, 2013

Unlikeable Task!

There are lots of things I could be doing here -around the house, etc - I suppose and plenty too that I probably really SHOULD be doing on a somewhat regular basis too, but some of those things are, in my opinion, quite distasteful and so, I procrastinate as much as possible before getting around to tackling them.

Translated that really means I put it off until I absolutely HAVE to do them!

Do you do that too or am I alone in my self-made dilemmas concerning various aspects of housework?

I'm not a big fan of washing dishes, true enough, but it isn't that rough a job so that once I get my fanny in front of the sink, it's not really a big problem to get them done. It's the tearing me away from the computer or knitting, or crocheting or embroidery work or reading a good book that is the problem area with chores like that.

But I find myself wishing I had a nice big oven to use, especially nice when I am baking bread if I could bake several loaves all at the same time -maybe something made along the same lines as say, laboratory ovens, might be useful for me in that venture.Get more done faster! Kind of like the old expression "Faster horses" or something like that perhaps?

But then I think about one of the chores I truly hate doing and that is the cleaning of my stove and especially cleaning the oven and I think even if I could afford something larger like I assume those ovens would most likely be, would I really ever want to face cleaning the ovens then again, EVER?

Probably not so I guess I'll stick with the one I've got and do things the old fashioned way -smaller productions and not quite as large a unit to scour!


Maggie May said...

I procrastinate all the time. However, with washing up..... I make myself do it right away and then I treat myself to something that I really like doing such as the crafts you describe.
I must admit that I paid someone to clean my cooker because I couldn't get down to ground level to do it.
Maggie x

Nuts in May

Sandi McBride said...

what we need is someone to clean up after us...that would be just the thing!!! Wish I were there to enjoy some nice fresh bread!!!