Wednesday, March 20, 2013


I got a promotion!

And, it was one I had no idea I could get a promotion in this category so it came as quite a surprise.

I received an e-mail this morning from one of my favorite bloggers telling me he had given me a high level promotion and that my name and blog are now in the featured blogs on his sidebar!

Here's the message I received:

Just thought I'd let you know that you are now a member in good standing of Suldog's extra-special higher-up-the-ladder sidebar section, with your very own category listing and everything!

Since this has made your day, you can now go back to bed.

 If you've never heard of Suldog's blog, it's high time you did and that you check it out in full too!  So, to introduce you to Jim Sullivan and his blog, here's a link you can use where you can find him - Suldog.

 Jim provides lots and lots of great posts about everything from soup to nuts -with often a heavy concentration on the nuts in life. And, once you start following his work -which can range from very serious, heavy topics and run the gamut of virtually every emotion you can think of but with a lot of his stuff providing some of the best humor in the blogging community, I'm pretty sure you'll enjoy his stuff just as much  -perhaps even more -than I do!

So please, feel the need to go and explore Jim's blog. Although, with spring supposed to arrive sometime, hopefully soon (although technically speaking it's here today but you can't prove it by looking outside my house right now), Jim will no doubt be launching into his regular spring and summer programming about all the softball teams he plays for. If you don't like sports reports, just skip over those posts that he puts in there from time to time. Although, even his sports reports on his teams ball games are often loaded with lots of great humor -sometimes even a bit on the racey and raucous side too!

 Thanks to Jim this morning though for really making my day and I was a bit edgy (a bit of an understatement, really) and my anxiety levels were running very high when I got up today and this bit of news really helped to adjust my mood from nervous and anxious and depressed to seeing good friendship and kindness that makes for a much better outlook on today and life in general.

Now go take a look at Jim's place.

You'll never regret it. Trust me on that and you can take it to the bank too. (Just doesn't provide high financial returns if that's what your looking for but it will make you feel like you are rich over the long term effect of his pieces.

Right now, he's trying to organize an effort to take over the Antartic region of the world and lining himself up to be King Sully there. Maybe you'd enjoy taking part in that expedition too!


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