Sunday, March 17, 2013

Weekend OVER!

Thank goodness this weekend is now history!

 It definitely was one busy weekend -at least at this old house!

The rafters were ringing, for sure -between the kids playing and making lots of their kind of noise and add to that, a little visitor who chimed in from time to time too making her own special kinds of music. Some of it sounded a bit like it could have been soprano saxophone at music123 with some person who was learning to play the sax behind the sounds -a bit squeaky here and there, ya know.

Yes, this little one was the "culprit" in the noise that at times did sound a bit squeaky -could have passed for a kid learning to play an instrument -and at times, her voice was a lot louder too, until she was in someone's arms, being cuddled and hugged and rocked!

Best visitor we've had here in a long, long time. And if you haven't yet figured out who this is -why it's Mandy with her little granddaughter, my sweet as pie little great-granddaughter! And the noise -well it actually was music to my ears because it's been almost 7 years now since we heard sounds like that! NICE! Very nice, indeed!

Lola and her Mommy (aka, Katie) were here from Saturday afternoon until late Sunday afternoon and it was so much fun having them around, it took a lot of the edge off other things that kept us -or me -moving this weekend.

I baked Friday afternoon and evening -the Swedish Rye bread the family loves -and had two loaves of it earmarked to take to church Saturday morning for use at the funeral dinner yesterday. (The funeral was for the mother of a good friend of mine and I knew she and her daughter would appreciate having some of this fresh-baked bread to be served at the dinner.

Saturday morning, I had to make a big casserole too of macaroni and cheese to take out to church along with the bread. This procedure would not normally have been a big deal if it weren't for the factor that when we got up Saturday morning, it was snowing like crazy! 

My main concern then became how I would get this stuff -and myself too -out to church because where we live is down in the lower part of the village and to get anyplace then, you have to travel up some steep hills, none of which are nice to deal with when they are snow-covered and more big white flakes were piling on and on to those roads. Before, when I still had my old jeep, I wouldn't have worried that much about making it up the hills and out to church but with the car I have now -a little Cavalier -it's a whole new ball game as the car runs pretty darned good -normally -but on these roads, with the amount of snow landing, I was very concerned about being able to get out of the parking spot in front of the house, for openers, let alone trying to navigate it up one of these hills.

But I lucked out, in that my son happened to stop by as I was finishing up the casserole and he offered to drive me out to church since he had come down in his jeep -which just happens to have 4-wheel drive! It was a nice coincidence that as I was just thinking about asking him if he would drive me out to church, he spoke up and offered to transport me. Worked out well that way and since it was his idea, it put him in a nice mood because he was happy thinking he was really helping his old Mom out and he was doing just that -helping me out a whole lot!

Even with the four-wheel drive though -since the back roads one has to drive to get from here to there and them being unplowed, untreated, there were several spots that even made the jeep slip-slide a little bit too! Just enough to remind a person that even with four-wheel drive, you still can't go at the same speeds you normally would on those roads!

But anyway, by the time he came back out and picked me up after we were through with the dinner and got me back home, it was almost 3 p.m. then and supper to be prepared for the family. Supper cooking, dishes to wash, kids to supervise and people right and left it seemed using the computer so I couldn't even get near it the rest of the day, and it puts me behind on things I have to do for myself on the computer. Little odd jobs I do from time to time, some research that I need to keep up on -things like that.

And that continued most of the day today too -more cooking of course -as I fixed a big dinner of corned beef, potatoes and cabbage in honor of the the Irish blood my kids can lay claim to! One big surprise today was that Maya actually ate some of the corned beef and cabbage and even some of the potatoes as well -and without whining and fussing about her food fetishes -primarily how much she doesn't like potatoes or cabbage! A nice pleasant dinner watching her try those things and admitting too that she liked the meat and the cabbage was okay. (No commentary on the potatoes as I don't think she even realized they were in the mixture because she ate all that I had put on her plate!)

Progress comes along in different ways, doesn't it?

Just like how the next time little Lola comes to visit us, I'll bet her voice will have changed a bit by then and she won't sound quite as much like a screechy saxophone!

And you know what? Even if her voice is still the same and she does a bit of fussing here and there, guess who won't mind hearing that at all because it's all music to my old ears!

Happy St. Patrick's Day a bit late but better late than never.


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Debo Blue said...

The great-grand looks adorable! My brother and his wife had a baby girl 2/14. They named her Breanna Joy. Just like your family, it's been about 7 years since hearing cries of newborn babies in the house.

And just like her name, she is a joy!