Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Bad Moon Rising?

Okay, in truth, this post has nothing really to do with the moon -except for the fact that last night, when I walked the dog, it was just about dusk -not really much light out and not really dark yet either. But as I walked down the road with Sam, all of a sudden, there it was -the moon -just shining as bright as can be over the tree tops.

When I first saw this, it looked more like it was the sun -a huge yellowish orb, not the white one we tend to be accustomed to seeing in the night sky.

As Sam and I walked maybe 10 or 15 feet further along, the tree tops then blocked my view of the moon completely. That is until I got down on the dirt road, along side of the beginning of the wooded area and then, I could see it again but not the fullness of it as it was partially obliterated by some of the other trees -maples and oaks -whereas when I first spied it last night, it was initially the pines and hemlocks that were blocking my view.

It was a very pretty site though -okay, in my viewpoint, I thought it to be a downright awesome sight to see. If I were a bit of a superstitious person though -considering how my day was yesterday, how it went today and how it's been very up and down (VERY) lately, I would be inclined perhaps to regard that moon last night as a bad moon rising.

Tonight -it's no where to be seen -unless you could the bit of a glow -an aura maybe -of moonglow enough to give slight light but not the skies very cloudy and covering the actual moon that way.

After the sky last night seeming so bright, so lovely, could have been picture perfect had I had my camera -or better yet, a camera that would be able to handle a picture such as what I saw, which mine really isn't capable of doing something like that -tonight's sky is really on the drab and dreary side but then again, that pretty well matches up with my mood tonight then oo.

So I guess one could then say it was an appropriate sky I suppose.

I came back in tonight from walking Sam and sat down to check my e-mail, Facebook, do some other things on the computer too. At this hour, the only voices I hear are those from the tv program -not children fighting or wanting something, no one to converse with of the adult nature either although there is another adult in the house. Sometimes, even though there is someone else here that I could engage in conversation with, that rarely comes about as there are others she would prefer to communicate with online or on the phone and thus, leave me to my own devices. (Which, I confess, sometimes amounts to my pretty much then just talking to myself. So far though, I don't usually answer myself in those chats so I guess that's a good thing isn't it?)

So anyway, I'm checking out some of the e-mails in my inbox and come across one that caught my eye and I decided, what the heck, take a look-see at the url.

I'm supposed to be watching my food intake, keeping the carbs down is supposedly the thing I am really supposed to be doing but who the hell can do that anyway? I mean -how do you measure angel hair spaghetti with homemade meat sauce anyway -especially when that happens to be something I do dearly love to make and eat and which the kids will still eat too -no change in that item on their palates -at least not so far.

So this site that I went to anyway has special dinnerware that can be purchased to keep one's intake under some semblance of control by use of a preciseportions ceramic portion control plate.

This did look interesting enough and stirred my curiosity a bit so I explored the website about this and some other products pertaining to the portion control stuff. Mainly though, I was hunting for pricing information about perhaps getting just one dinner plate perhaps. But it took me virtually forever -or so it seemed -before I finally came across a page that had some data on it as to the costs of the portion control things.

Sad to say -at almost $20 for one dinner plate it's not likely to become part of my collection of dishes any time soon, that much is for sure. I already have more than enough items of a mismatched variety of plates, cups, saucers, etc, and sure don't need to shell out that much for one more.

I keep measuring my own food out the way I've always done and keep walking the dog at least twice a day -sometimes more -to try to work off a bit of the overbalance of carbs in my system!

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