Wednesday, March 13, 2013

New Words Almost Every Day!

Have I mentioned before that Maya is taking music lessons?

Right now, she's learning (supposedly) how to play the Recorder in school and she's also begun taking piano lessons too with our church organist being her instructor there.

Kurtis got a guitar -not exactly a play guitar but not quite a "for real" one either for Christmas. That was a gift I wasn't in favor of his receiving because -for one thing -it does have those "for real" strings and those buttons to turn the strings to tune it and I could see that in a short period of time, he would twist and turn those knobs till the strings popped.

Guess who was right about that deal? Yeah, within I think 2 days time, he had snapped at least 2 strings and lost interest -what little he had -in the guitar then.

I suppose the upside to that was that there was no incessant strumming noises then.

But between Maya's music instructions now, plus her love for searching for just about anything pertaining to music, instruments, songs, equipment, etc., online and then, often she leaves these websites open and I come across things then that make me wonder what the heck is she doing here or there on these websites?

Thankfully, these are not bad sites that could potentially poison her mind or anything like that.

But I have to admit I am sort of learning new words from them.

Like today when she apparently was in a hurry to leave the computer and this site was open and with it, I saw this "Egnater Tweaker" -displayed there.

Now this really tweaked MY curiosity as I had nary a clue as to what on earth that might be so I had to follow through and read a bit about it!

Thankfully, we have no need -at least not at this time -for guitar amplifiers and speakers and accessories!

But who knows, perhaps sometime in the distant future, as either or both of the kids hone their musical skills, you never know, do you, what might be needed then!

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