Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Not Here Yet!

Last night, I fell asleep in the recliner -again, and for the upteenth time. Sometimes, when that happens, I only snooze for a very brief time -maybe 10-15 minutes -and something will wake me up and I'm really wide awake and refreshed with energy galore.

Other times, I fall asleep and am like I'm almost in a coma for a couple of hours. Once in a while, when that happens, I'm still relatively groggy when I wake up and I'm able to go get in bed and fall back asleep there. Then there are the times, like last night, when I had no urge to go back to sleep at all and didn't until well into the wee hours of the morning.

Then I slept like a rock and way late too -like till almost noon -but that means that I did get at least six full hours of sleep that way.

But what did I wake up to -besides an empty house - except for the cats and the mutt, that is?

The ground covered with a white blanket of snow!

So, what does that tell me?

Spring ain't here just yet!

And this isn't even the "onion" snow either because that's supposed to be the final snow of the season and the forecasters are calling for snow on Friday too -or at least a 50 percent chance of it at any rate.

Maybe that will be the good old "onion" snow?

One can only hope!

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