Monday, April 01, 2013

More Wishful Thinking?

A few years back, I actually did some writing for a very small, local publication -a monthly newsletter is what it was -and I have to say, I enjoyed doing that very much.

I was also quite surprised at the reception that many of the article I wrote received too from locals who picked up copies of the newsletter. (It was one of those publications that was free and meant to exist based on the advertisers who took out ads in the newsletter.)

However, things happened that made it impossible for the editor/publisher to continue putting this newsletter out and it was disbanded. It's been defunct now for at least 5 or 6 years I think.

I have no idea how to put together something such as this was -although several people in the past had asked me about doing that -but my lack of knowledge and experience too just in writing alone -well, if the lady who had started this newsletter couldn't do it, there was no way I could manage something like that.

But I wonder at times if she had found a site that maybe would have enabled her better pricing perhaps with trade printing if it would have enabled her to keep it going.

It probably wouldn't have been something feasible for her purposes but boy, sure would have been nice if she could have found a way to continue publishing this paper.

I know how much I miss not having the outlet I had there for my pieces, and I know too, how much of a very loyal following she had begun to develop too before things fell apart.

Who knows though -perhaps someday in the future someone else will come along and see this old publication someplace and think "Hey! Here's something I know about and could make it work" and maybe begin the publication all over again!

I just know for sure though, it won't be me doing it!

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