Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Mud Bogging?

Sunday afternoon -after we got home from a little birthday party for Jon and Aaron -the kids here decided they wanted to go play outside.

Not a terribly unusual request from each of these kids but the ground rules were to be "Only as long as you kids can play nice together -no pushing, hitting, name-calling -etc. etc."

It was too long though before Kurtis came back in the house. He kicked off his shoes and informed me that he had to come back in because his foot got all wet.

Asked how that happened, he said "Maya did it to me."

Of course -that would pretty much be the standard answer around here from him just as when Maya is upset with something, it always becomes a case of "Kurtis did it!"

However, we haven't been able to figure out exactly where and what Maya did to him that his shoes looked like this!

I don't even recall my son ever coming home with shoes as caked with mud as Kurt's were!

Must have been mud bogging some place is all I can figure out!

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