Thursday, March 14, 2013

When Your Butt Hits The Floor....

Okay -much as I do really appreciate the generosity of other folks at times, we've now become the benefactors of something I really wish I could change.

Granted, our old sofa and love seat were looking more than a bit bedraggled and replacement of them wasn't a bad idea. And, granted that a good friend of my daughter's just so happened to have a sofa -sectional type -that wasn't needed anymore and he so kindly offered it to us for free, no less.

And, I know, we should never kick a gift horse in the mouth too but...well this sectional sofa just isn't getting any raves from me.

It consists of five pieces -with two pieces being simply a chair with no arms and three pieces that are corner  units. That way, you can arrange the pieces any way your pea-picking heart desires.

However, one thing you can't do with this set-up is lay down and take a nap.


Because no matter how you position the pieces, if you try to lay down on it, your behind manages to land on a segment where the pieces meet together and then, they begin to move away from each other. Within a matter of minutes, your fanny has met the floor!

I like a couch that I can lay down on and take a nap, don't you?

Although, I do have to say when we first got this moved in here and set up, it did provide for some comical sights watching Kurtis sit down on it, not realizing the pieces would move apart and seeing the expression on his face as he slid down through the crack between two pieces and his butt hit the floor!

Watching the dog fall in between the pieces was a rather funny thing to see to, as Sammy also had no clue as to what was happening to him.

The drawback here really comes about when my grandson is here for a weekend and he usually would sleep on the sofa but now, well the only way we can set this up for him to sleep on it I think would require purchasing pad foam, large enough to place that over three pieces of the couch and  covering it with fabric that coordinates with the pieces of the unit!

The last time he was up here, shortly after this five-piece set arrived -he tried his level best to rearrange the cushions in a way that they didn't meet where the pieces met, but rather covered each so-called "jointure" in order for him to be able to lay down with out sliding between the cracks. I haven't figured out exactly how he managed to set those cushions up though to get that result. (Guess I don't have enough spatial concept or something along those lines to be able to configure it that way!

Any suggestions?

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