Thursday, March 28, 2013

Rock Star Clothing?

This week, my daughter went down to the Harrisburg area to spend a day or two with her best friend since the girls were in kindergarten and in her going there, she left me in charge -sort of -here with the kids.

I say "Sort of" because she made arrangements with Katie -her stepdaughter -to come down with her little baby girl -the lovely Miss Lola Rae -so Gram wouldn't be totally on her own with Maya and Kurtis.

Yes -in other words -a babysitter for Gram too now you know!

It was a bit of a strange set of circumstances though as on Sunday, she asked me if I had any plans for Tuesday night, which is really a joke to ask me if I have plans for any night of the week considering one Tuesday night every other month, I get to go out by myself -sort of -and attend what has over the winter months become the bi-monthly meeting of our church women's group! (Normally we would meet on the first Tuesday of every month but over the winter months, we changed to where we meet every other month, instead of monthly.)

So anyway -as you can see by that, my social calendar is pretty much null, void -EMPTY!

So she then informed me since I had no plans, I would be babysitting Maya and Kurt. Now how is this really any different from any evening when she has to work the afternoon/evening shift for me to watch the kids? It's not, not really.

But then it wasn't until Monday evening when I happened to see a notepad on the kitchen counter by the coffee maker with all kinds of instructions as to the kids -getting them up, dressed, ready for school, meds to hand out, etc., etc. And the closing lines were "I'll see you on Wednesday as I should be home before the kids get home from school.:

That's how I found out that she was going to be gone overnight. Then, I learned -eventually, that Katie and Lola would be arriving sometime Tuesday afternoon after Kate's doctor's appointment.

Okay -that was no big deal either -just sent Kate a message as to what she had in mind, if anything in particular, for supper and she replied -"Something with pierogies, maybe?" Her taste buds and mine frequently run along on the same wave length and for that, I am very grateful too!

All went pretty well Tuesday evening -kids got their homework done, bath time, ready for med with no issues at all.

But, Wednesday morning, things almost went down the tubes as I was slow to wake up, for openers so when I did get up and start getting the kids moving to get dressed, the instruction sheet that had been left for Kate (and for me too) turned out to be incorrect.

On the sheet, it said that there would be clothes on the cabinet in the bathroom laid out for the kids to wear to school today but unfortunately, she forgot to lay said clothes out there before leaving!

Now that set off a few alarms in my head right then because that meant I would have to go upstairs and deal with the moods of each on of the grandkids -and believe you me, when it comes to selecting what to wear, those moods can get pretty bad -and sometimes very black, sometimes also very tearful too!

Maya was up and awake, seemed in a fairly good mood too so I told her we had to go get an outfit for her to wear to school but it would have to be a speedy selection as we didn't have time to mess around and definitely no time to deal with a tantrum either. Lucky for me, she was quite agreeable and we settled on a shirt and slacks almost immediately!

WOW! One down, one to go and I was on a roll with the Diva in the house so lets go get Kurtis up!

Some days when he gets up, he is as sweet as coconut cream pie can be -if you can equate a mood to something yummy like coconut cream pie but I figure you know what I mean there.

However, Wednesday morning wasn't going to be one of those coconut cream pie days apparently as he started to whine and I could sense he was building up to a bit of loud crying and wailing so I told him he had to be very, very quiet so as not to wake the baby -Litle Miss Lola -up and make her cry. To my surprise, he began to calm down a good bit when I told him that and actually was talking to me in his version of a whisper -which isn't really a whisper -more like a sort of loud but not really loud stage whisper if you can envision that!

So I rummaged around in his closet and found a pair of jeans for him and got him started to undress and put the jeans on while I was looking for a shirt for him to wear. He's not usually near as fussy about his apparel as his sister THE DIVA is -but he can be a bit picky too at times and of course, you know don't you, today was going to be one of those picky times! We finally settled on a tee shirt he liked and got it on him only to have him start the whimper/whine stuff again as he informed me he couldn't wear this particular shirt today after all because "There is snows on the ground Gram so I has to wear a long-sleeved shirt today!"

Okay -take the short sleeve shirt off and back to the long-sleeve shirt drawer to see which one he would decide would work for him today. I picked one out -I think it was a John Deere shirt (which he usually likes those pullovers) and he informed me no, he couldn't wear that shirt to school today "cause the other kids will think I'm a rock star!"

Yep! All the other kids would think he was a rock star! Where in blazes did this come from any way?

Needless to say, I lost it on that one. No, not my temper but I broke up completely over that comment!

We did then finally find another shirt that he approved of and he was dressed, got a bite of breakfast and time then to get the coat, hat and mittens on and be ready to roll when the van arrived to pick him up. To save a bit of time, I was putting his jacket on him as he was polishing off the last bites of his cereal and then, had to hunt down his mittens and a hat -which apparently had gone into hiding overnight. Finally -mittens found -actually finger gloves in a dark blue with Spiderman on the top of each glove and which gloves he managed to put on upside down so the Spiderman was on the palm of his hands and which, thankfully, he didn't notice that or that would have put us even further behind, you see. Then came the hat -which we couldn't locate one of his -and he has many hats to pick from but they all seemed to be in the missing clothing department today too so I grabbed a knitted hat that my cousin had sent me to keep my bald head warm back in my chemo treatment days and pulled it on his head. It wasn't anything really ultra-feminine -a nice heavy knit cap, cables in a red and black verigated yarn and that's how I sent him out the door to get on the van then!

When he came home from school this afternoon, as he was taking of his jacket, gloves and hat, he handed the hat to me saying "Here's your hat back, Gram!"

I'm so glad he didn't figure that out in the morning before I got him out the door and on the van or there would have really been hell to pay if he thought then he was wearing female clothing to school. But as it turned out, by the time he came home he knew that and was actually rather polite about the whole situation then too!

Kids -never know what the heck avenue they're gonna take, do ya?


Jocelyn said...

You are something more than a saint, I tell you. Frankly, I'd be full of resentment at being informed of my babysitting duties, but you just sucked it up, rolled with it, and handled everything. Of course.

But knowing how reliable you are, how full of love (even when you're losing your temper!), considering some of the things you told me in your comment on my latest blog post, well, it just makes me admire you even more.

I do really want to thank you for leaving such a meaningful, heartfelt comment on that post of mine--which meant a lot to me. I shall treasure that comment for years to come.

Maggie May said...

You did extremely well and kept your cool! I think our kids take advantage of us at times though with all this babysitting.
Maggie x

Nuts in May