Saturday, March 30, 2013

Source of Irritation!

I have a problem I need to discuss.

Well truthfully, I have a whole lot of problems, I know, but there is one area that causes a lot of conflict and irritation for me as well as for my family too.

I've not had any tests run for this but I strongly suspect I may have some hearing loss.

It's annoying as all get out for me not to be able to hear things right the first time someone says something -or when I am watching TV or listening to music -I often miss a lot in conversations especially because of this issue.

My family gets very irritable about this too because the don't like having to repeat things to me and I get just as upset and irritated by not hearing things the first time too.

A friend of mine from way back in my school days posted a little blurb the other day on Facebook that hit home with me. It's just one of those quips that folks on Facebook often post but I'm going to share it here with you now.

Don't listen to people who say you are old----- Just let it go in one hearing aid and out the other.

My response to that was would be a good idea but just need the money for the hearing aid!

 A couple of years back my ex-son-in-law got me one of those little inexpensive things that you can put in your ear and be able to hear what's on the TV or radio without having to jack the volume way up. It did work, somewhat for me except I couldn't get the darned earbud to fit properly. The thought behind that gift was actually a hint I think that I have the volume up too high on the TV set much of the time, but it's either that or learn to lip read!

I wonder though if -for my purposes with respect to watching TV -would something like some ultra powerful headphones perhaps be a wise investment of sorts?

Not that something along those lines would eliminate my issues in asking people to repeat -again and again sometimes -what they have said to me or asked me -but at least it might make live easier on others around when I'm trying to watch a program on TV or listen to some music perhaps without making others feel like they are going to be blasted out into outer space on the sound waves alone.

Any thoughts on this? Feel free to say your piece. At least a comment here won't have to be repeated over and over, would it?

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