Saturday, May 08, 2010

Taking Me Away!

Ah, what a day it in lovely May!

I'm being a bit sarcastic when I say that though cause today, it's windy and not that warm. But what's even worse is the forecast for tonight and tomorrow.

Can you believe it but they are saying we will have frost tonight with even the possibility of SNOW!

Yes, you read that right. SNOW! On Mother's Day? I don't know who ticked off Mother Nature this go-round but Sheesh, SNOW? Now? Sure doesn't sound like global warming there to me, ya know.

Got up this morning and did my usual greet the day stuff -a cup of coffee, computer-time to check the e-mail, read the Centre Daily Times online, log into Facebook and check that out a bit and then, I figured the time had come -actually it was well overdue this week -to get cracking and get a little of this house at least somewhat cleaned up in time for Mother's Day. I figured if I didn't at least get the kitchen floor scrubbed then we could really just find someone to come in and carry everything off to help the house run, not walk away! (You do know that old line don't you about the house being such a wreck it looks like it's gonna walk away? In this place, I was kind of wishing it would do just that and save me the aching back I'll probably have from bending over, pushing the mop to get something cleaned here!)

I needed something today though to get me moving, to give me just a tad of impetus in order to get the job done and I found just the ticket.

A CD playing some great Johnny Cash and it gave me a nice beat to work by.

Yeah, I'm a Johnny Cash fan from way back and so are all three of my kids too. Maya even likes the Man in Black as when she was about 2-3 years old, Mandy used to put a cd in for her at night and when she first started to talk -and sing -one of her favorite numbers was "Cry, Cry, Cry!"

Trust me when I tell you, there's no better music to have playing that Folsom Prison Blue or Orange Blossom Special when you're in need of some really zippy stuff to get you moving that mop around the floor!

If you were to ask me what it is about Johnny Cash and his music that brings my mood up every time I hear him, I really can't give an answer there. I just LIKE it is about the only thing I could tell you. The CD I'm listening to has one of my favorite numbers on it -not necessarily one of his finest pieces of work -but one that I find fun to listen to and since I know the words to it, to sing along to it too. Bet you can't guess which number that would be? Much as I love "I Still Miss Someone" or "Down in the Mine" the song that always cheers me up, gives me a nice little spurt of energy is "Egg-Sucking Dog." I don't know why cause I never had a chicken coop and chickens nor have we ever -to my knowledge -had an egg-sucking dog either but it's one of those silly little pieces that just makes me smile as I sing along with him and push my mop across the floor, watching it slowly come white and clean again.

While cleaning up the counters and such around the kitchen this morning, I came across some bottles of pills -old prescriptions they were for me, some for the kids, as well as some for Mandy and Bill. I don't know who got them out of the cupboard and left them parked on the counter the way they were, why they didn't take a few minutes of extra time to put them away again or pitch the ones that were empty or no longer viable or needed -like for instance a bottle, half-empty of prenatal vitamins that you know, I sure as heck don't need nor is there much likelihood that Mandy will either! Although I read someplace recently about how you shouldn't just discard old meds -particulary not by flushing them down the drain -but I don't really think it will hurt anything that I pitched that bottle -along with the ones that were empty too that were on the counter. (Don't ask me why someone here would save an empty prescription bottle but someone did and it wasn't me!)

So anyway, the counter is as cleaned up as I can get it at the moment. Still lots and lots of papers and stuff there cluttering it up but they belong to Mandy or Bill and I won't go through them and toss them out -which is probably what needs to be done with the majority of them -cause I have no idea of what they need to keep and what is truly junk when it comes to that stuff.

And while I've been typing this, my floor has now dried and I can move stuff back out there -the counter stools, litter box, cat's food and water dishes (just so they can be in position there and waiting for one of the stupid cats to knock 'em over and spill the contents all over the floor to begin the "let's mess the place up as quickly as we can" process all over again for me@

After I get the stuff back where it all belongs in the kitchen it will be time for me to grab some warm clothes and get dressed, ready to take Sammy out for a nice long walk on a chilly spring day with a strong wind blowing, the sun peeking through from time to time but none of this builds up to any kind of warmth in the air today.

Just gonna be a good walking day though and one that is guaranteed to have me return with a major wind-blown effect to my hair too. Not that I look better with a "wind-blown" look to my hair though, cause I sure as hell don't!

Hope wherever everyone else is today, whatever duty is calling to you, that you have sunshine in your life today -even if you have to pump it in!

And have a wonderful Mother's Day tomorrow too -to all of you of my readers who can lay claim to the Motherhood status. Hope all of you who still have your mother with you remember to at least give her a call or go see her even if it only a quick visit of a couple minutes.

Moms do love that ya know!

And to all three of my beautiful children -to my most wonderful grandchildren too -thanks to each and everyone of you for allowing me to be Mom or Grammy J to each of you.

Love each of you. Always!


TechnoBabe said...

One of the blogs I read they live in Minnesota and they had snow yesterday all day. It was very cold here in Nebraska but no snow. I hope you have a wonderful Mothers Day, Jeni!

Travis Cody said...

Snow??? Yikes!

We're in the first day of what should be 4 sunny ones in a row. That's the forecast anyway. After a week or so of cloudy with rain, I can take it!

... Paige said...

girl! it has been so hot here one can hardly breathe the ozone that is hovering around

today however is pleasant with the bit of wind and mid 80s and a sky full of clouds

happy restfull & unstressful weekend

Maggie May said...

Have a lovely Mother's Day.
I don't know why, but England does its own thing about Mother's Day and it was way back in April over here, so tomorrow will be much the same as any other Sunday.
What is it with pill bottles? There seem to be stashes of pills from the days of yore and what do you do with them?
Maggie X

Nuts in May

Berni said...

Happy Mothers Day and Grandmothers Day to you. No snow forecast here probably snowing where we moved from though.