Saturday, May 22, 2010

Sharing the Good Finds!

Yesterday, at the yard sale Mandy spied, and where she got some great buys for the kids, she also found something else for sale too.

A nice bottle of "skin silkening body lotion" made for Victoria's Secret was available. She gave it the sniff test and it became one of her purchases too then.

The name of the fragrance - "Romantic Wish."

Today, Mandy had work, Bill had left and was up at his garage, presumably working and Maya was at Mandy's best friend's place (Jenn-Jenn's) where she'd spent the night last night.

That left just me and Kurtis -spending the day and lots of quality time together. He's been quite good for me -playing nicely, watching tv (Disney channel) for the bulk of the day.

Late this afternoon though, shortly after I'd just changed him, he came to me and said he needed clean clothes. Now he rarely comes and makes a request like that. Most of the time, when you try to get him to go get changed -mainly cause he may be a trifle odorific ya know -he doesn't want to be bothered, and gets a bit perturbed then if we insist he get clean drawers, at the very least.

I could see his jeans pant legs were a bit wet but nothing else, so I figured he might have been out in the kitchen and had been messing around with the cat's water dish -one of his favorite things to mess with and to use then to make a mess!

So I told him no, he didn't need to get clean clothes just because he'd slopped a bit of water on his pant legs. I did notice there was some white stuff on his pant legs but really didn't give it all that much thought at the time.

Then I noticed there was a fragrant scent wafting about the room that I couldn't quite place but when I looked over towards the couch and from there, my eyes wandered to my chair -the blue recliner -I saw this white substance on the chair and smeared on the floor by the couch too.

Hmmm. What the heck?

About that time I also saw this bottle that had until he got hold of it held that "Romantic Wish" body lotion his Mom had purchased just yesterday!

Yeah -almost the entire bottle of it -spread on the edge of my chair seat and even more, in this big circle on the floor.

Okay it's like this now. We do have hardwood floors here. Granted they are badly in need of refinishing but I'm wondering if that lotion strategically placed on the floor and now, wiped up, if it were spread out would it maybe have made the floors glisten and shine or would it just have created a good holding zone of sorts for the fragrance?

He even went and got some paper towels to try to help me clean this up too. Now, that was sweet of him, don't you agree?

And I'm wondering now too if Maya was about this age or maybe a bit younger (but not much) when she took a fancy to redecorating the walls in the living room almost on a daily basis for a long time with her favorite makers.

Which would I rather deal with?

Truthfully, the lotion cleaned up much easier and faster than it was then to scrub the marker paintings off all the walls -daily!

And the house -all smelly like a big Romantic Wish -much nicer than Pinesol or Mr. Clean I think.


Maggie May said...

Don't you just love the things that children do?!
Theres only one thing you can do now....... make a wish and make sure it contains romantic content!
Who knows..............!
Maggie X

Nuts in May

... Paige said...

my oldest daughter was a dumper/pourer...if she could open it it was getting dumped or poured out...anything from shampoo to mustard

floors are easier to clean than walls and hair

terri said...

Love how you've taken this all in stride! I'll bet Mandy wasn't any too thrilled to find her new lotion had been used as floor cleaner though.

Linda said...

Considering that there were probably so many worse things that Kurtis could have decided to spread around the room, I'm thinking that this was a good choice! After all, the floor glistened a little bit and there was a lovely aroma in the air to boot! Plus I bet your chair retains some of that nice smell!

Jocelyn said...

Now your furniture is so silky smooth that you're going to slide ass-over-tea-kettle onto those hard wood floors every time you have a seat...

RuneE said...

You know, they have to start early to make a clean and odorous impression on the girls :-)

Looks like he know what he is doing.

Deb said...

Oh, it could have been so much worse! And I like how you maintained a great attitude during this little adventure. Kids will be kids and boys will be boys...Hope you have a great 'smelling' day ! Take care.

Tee aka The Diva's Thoughts said...

Oh kids!!! lol

Anonymous said...

Such a great way to look at it. I bet it did smell good in the house!

This Eclectic Life said...

Surely not the "romantic wish" that Mandy made! Oh, well. It's what kids do. Glad it cleaned up, though.