Wednesday, May 05, 2010

My Solutions

I know I've written a good bit from time to time about my weight issues and now, also about the recent medical problems I had too, but I am determined I'm going to get a grip on this and work on losing the weight.

One thing that I have done -a long, long time ago when I lost a lot of weight (like about 42 years ago) was that I took diet pills then. Yes, they were via a prescription I had from my doctor and at that time, they were the kind that also did a few other things too -like gave you loads and loads of energy too.

Since then, those pills are no longer prescribed and truthfully, I'm glad they aren't available as they are also highly addictive. I know that for a fact because I was becoming addicted to them but lucky for me, I stopped taking them before it became a really huge problem in my life.

There are still diet pills of various types on the market today too but based on my past experience with the ones I had taken plus what I've also read here and there about some of the pills available today, I definitely don't want to mess with any of them as I don't want to deal with ANY of 'em because many can cause lots of other problems like Adipex side effects!

I have enough issues in my life and most certainly do not want, do not need to have to contend with stuff like that.

I mentioned earlier that I have lost some weight simply by trying to cut down on my food quantities and by getting a little exercise through walking Sammy but I didn't tell you before just how much weight I have lost, did I?

Granted this is not a huge amount of weight loss but since mid-December, when I got those lovely orders from my doctor that I had to do SOMETHING, I have now lost 16 pounds!

As I said, it's not a whole lot of weight loss but it's been gradual and so far, I haven't gained any back now either so I'm feeling pretty good about the methods I've chosen to follow thus far.

And it's also provided a lot of fodder for me to write about on my blog too with my walks with Sammy -especially before I dropped my camera on the road and it broke so now I can only take Mandy's camera with me when I'm not walking Sammy cause I sure don't want to break her new camera too!

Okay -the camera and picture taking is a bit off topic I guess but just had to toss it in here anyway! Just for the heck of it, ya know!

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