Friday, May 21, 2010

Incorrect Mathematics!

A while back -oh, a couple of months or so -Mandy acquired this little pedometer via Avon products.

When I got started walking Sammy usually at least once a day I decided to commandeer this little gadget and nook it on my jeans or shorts to try to measure from it exactly -or at least close to that -how far we were walking on any given day.

I can now tell you it is a little over a quarter of a mile from my house down to the water/sewage treatment building at the end of this road. The walk older grandson, Alex, and I made down to Peale during which we traipsed around up in the woods where the old Peale Park and swimming pool had once been -which that pedometer said was a total distance of 4.9 miles, round trip. Sounds fairly reasonable to me.

Although, truthfully, it seemed to be much further than what the old legsand feet were saying to me.

Yesterday, Sam and I walked out the dirt road to Cooper Two where the tipple and mines used to be in operation. The pedometer registered that we had walked 2.18 miles on that venture.

Today, I walked that distance and then some -as we continued on up the hill to the Y in the road and we went off to the right, up the hill till we came to the clearing that separates Cooper Two from Route 53 as you enter within that viewpoint. We had to have walked at a mile further than we did yesterday and yet, when we got home, the pedometer said for our efforts today, we'd only covered 1.78 miles!

Now how can that be anyway?

This is not ultra high level math here. Not rocket science. Sure isn't any thing like doing lsat prep stuff either.

I'll tell you what this is though -in my opinion! It's a ripoff!

This really irks me too because I've been trying to increase my walks whenever possible, covering just a bit more distance when I can and it's really disheartening to KNOW that you walked a whole lot more than before and the darned little thing says NO. You didn't even go near as far as before!

Oh well, guess it's still better than nothing for the time being, isn't it?

And I could always hop in the jeep, drive over that area we walked and check the mileage that way -just for my own sense of satisfaction, if for nothing else!

Doesn't quite give Curves and their merchandise a rounding recommendation though, does it?

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Travis Cody said...

I say toss that techno gadget and do your own math!

My company has a wellness program and each participant gets one of those little gadgets. You wear the gadget every day and accumulate points for the distance you travel on them. The points earn you free stuff at the gym we partner with.

One of the guys I work with is a runner. He has several routes he runs, and he knows the distances down to the last inch. He runs a route for a week then switches to another one. He wears the gadget, and it gives him a different distance every day...on the same route!

He doesn't use it to measure his distance, just for the free goodies at the gym. But still...a different distance for the same route every day?