Wednesday, May 05, 2010

One Question Answered!

One of the things that really had me very confused this past weekend was the bit about how high my sugar level was when they ran some blood work on me either at the local emergency room or when I was admitted to the big hospital in the big city.

They had told me that Saturday morning my blood sugar level was up at a high of 469 and I was trying and trying to figure out how it could possibly have gone that sky high on the few items I knew I had eaten all day on Friday! Surely 1 apple, a hamburger (and the bun too) and 2, maybe 3 (at most) bar cookies couldn't have done all that much to create that high a sugar level could it?

It had me worrying all weekend then as they kept testing my blood sugar every time they came around to take my vitals and I was beginning to think that when I finally got out of there I was going to have to look into some kind of diet supplements or something to get and keep the darned sugar levels under control. Keep in mind I've never had to really watch my intake of anything specific before and in all honesty, I'm pretty dense about these things I guess.

Well anyway, today another good friend of mine who is a retired licensed practical nurse called me to see how things were going and what all happened, etc., and I told her about the blood sugar stuff and how puzzling it was to me that it had skyrocketed like that.

She gave me an explanation for it that sounds pretty darned plausible to me though.

She said the reason it went that high was because with whatever obstruction was hindering the passage of food through my system that was causing what I had eaten Friday to just lay there undigested but that the sugar was apparently somehow still being broken down and passing into my blood stream and it was pretty concentrated a level then and thus, the high blood sugar level!

Now I'm no expert at all -not even close -about this stuff but her answer made sense to me!

Enough so that it gave me a bit of a sense of relief at least for the time being anyway.

Let's hope her theory about that was correct, okay?


Sandee said...

Sounds reasonable to me too. That would make sense for the high blood sugar. I too hope this is correct.

Have a terrific day. :)

Travis said...

Well that does sound plausible.

Anonymous said...

try reading this book "reversing diabetes" by dr julian whitaker. some folks have high blood sugar in the morning. i was told to have a small snack before going to bed, so my system wouldn't be making sugar while i was asleep. good luck.