Wednesday, May 26, 2010

The News -Today.

There's been a lot happening around here, in this household, around the area too where I live -some good stuff, some mediocre and unfortunately too, some that is extremely sad.

The good news is that the step-granddaughter has been accepted to attend Penn Tech - a school in Williamsport, PA that I believe is also affiliated with Penn State. I'm still in a bit of a state of shock that she was accepted seeing as her academic track record in high school hasn't always been of the best grade variety but I'm hoping she will -by the time she begins attending classes next January -have seen the error of her study ways and will put reading up high on her "to do" list.

With that upcoming pursuit of higher education, she's now applying for any work she can possibly find in this area. Unfortunately, this is not exactly a mecca of employment opportunities -for those who have higher educations, loads of other experience or those fresh out of the confines of high school either. I am hoping she finds something though -and quickly too -perhaps the local Walmart or even McDonalds or some other fast food place might consider hiring her and thus enable her to put a few coins aside to purchase some of the necessities of college life.

One of the things she's talked about wanting to get -and I agree that something along the computer line would be a bit of a necessary item -is a small laptop computer, one that is pretty inexpensive, etc. I happened on this site the other day and I'm thinking an Acer Aspire -such as this one -might be just the ticket for her. But, if push comes to shove and she's lacking on money when the time comes to leave for school, she could probably make do with the old desktop computer I had prior to purchasing this one. It's old, yes but it was still functioning -just slow and it does have some word processing software already installed in it -like Word and Excel and things along those lines, so it would be okay I think as a last choice item perhaps.

Around the house there have been a few other changes too -one being that the son-in-law has moved out. The relationship between him and my daughter has been in bad shape for quite some time now and if it is ever to be repaired in any way at all, the best thing for both of them is distance now. I am not an advocate for divorce -unless a relationship has deteriorated to a point of absolutely no return or if there is a whole lot of domestic abuse, emotional abuse and the like. But sometimes, separation is a darned good thing as it can -if used properly -allow both parties time to think, to regroup, to breathe -and that is how I view this for them. Then, if it appears that reconciliation is not to be in their cards, they will have had the time needed to begin rebuilding and hopefully, counseling too that will enable that to come about in the best manner possible for each of them as well as for the children involved too.

Our neighborhood received some very sad news yesterday too. The grandson of an elderly neighbor who lives about 5 houses away from me was killed the other day in a motorcycle accident. I knew his mother and her siblings from the time they were just little children and then, back in the 80s I also worked with this young man's mother at the truckstop where I waitressed and she was a cook there. So I knew his Dad then from that place as well as his paternal grandparents and his aunt was also one of the home health nurses who checked on me every week while I was receiving chemo 7 years ago. Knowing the family -on both sides -fairly well, I can only imagine the loss they are feeling now. I know how I would feel if it were me trying to cope with the loss of my son or one of my girls or a grandchild and I know I would be completely devastated by any such event. My heart -and my prayers -go out to all the members of his immediate as well as his extended family.

So, on that note, just a little admonishment then here -please whatever you do, be safe. Travel safely, drive safely, live your life as safely as is possible. And be sure to hug those closest to you every chance you get as we never know, do we, if and when we will have that opportunity to do that again. Life truly is very fleeting, isn't it?


Linda said...

I'm so sorry to hear about the neighborhood's loss. It seems like every year there are more and more motorcycle accidents and fatalities.

Congrats to your step-granddaughter on her acceptance to college!

Berni said...

Congrats to our grand daughter. Sorry to hear of another young person killed on a motercycle. I am glad the threat my middle son made of getting one never panned out

Travis Cody said...

Congrats to your granddaughter. It's tough to put yourself through school these days, but even with the gloomy predictions about employment for college graduates, I still think continuing education is important and better than the alternatives.

If you don't mind some unsolicited plenty of research. There are all kinds of programs for financial assistance that go unused because they can be hard to find. I've even heard of programs that offer laptops to students.