Tuesday, May 04, 2010

Cause and Effects

Somethings in my life a just a lot of puzzles to me and I suppose a lot of you may have them too.

One thing that really bugs me is how in blazes did I manage to get so doggone fat?

Okay, by the standards of some individuals who also have weight problems, they seem to think I'm not overweight but in reality, for my height and build, I am.

I realize part of my problem is that for the last seven years now -since the cancer diagnosis, treatments, surgeries, then back problems and more chemo after that -my life style has been way to sedentary but sheesh, it's not like I've been eating everything in sight and also ingesting a hgh releaser too, ya know!

But the bottom line at this stage of my life is this -my family doctor recommended that I watch my intake of sugar and carbs, as well as keeping an eye on the cholesterol levels in my diet and that I change my mode of operation to include a bit of exercise too. She didn't tell me how much weight I needed to lose by my next appointment with her in June or July (can't recall the date offhand right now) but I have been trying to use the exercise element of walking Sammy to maybe help in dropping a bit of the excess poundage I have accumulated.

And I've not lost tons -but yes, it has helped me to come down a little bit so at least now I only really need to shed oh, about 50 more pounds of ugly fat and flab to get down to my former semi-slim, trim and svelte self.

Yeah right. Trust me when I tell you this -I haven't been slim, trim and svelte since my oldest child was a year old! And I really don't want to go down to that weight as it was actually way too low for my height and build.

But I am seriously trying to do this now to get back to where I was oh, about 20 years ago anyway.

Wish me luck in this lovely endeavor, will ya?

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