Sunday, December 17, 2006

A Week To Go!

Yep - Only one week away, the big day that so many people the world over wait for! Next Sunday will be Christmas Day!

Are you ready?

I'm not, that's for sure. I have accomplished very little -haven't baked anything and much as I used to look forward to the holiday and baking all kinds of cookies, I just don't have the zest for that anymore. It's no longer a fun thing to do and is more like a chore. And, who the heck likes chores, anyway?

I had hoped to get some sewing done too. Well, I did get 10 bibs made for Kurtis and Maya and a fleece sweatshirt too for little Kurtis. But the coveralls for Maya still need hemmed and buttons and buttonholes put into the straps. And, I should get busy doing that, but instead, I'm sitting back and doing what I do the very best - procrastinating!

I need to go shopping - get some groceries, maybe, if I have enough money left over get a print cartridge too for my printer. I'd like to figure out how much I'd need to add more whatever it is I need to add to my computer to give me more storage capabilities, maybe a little more speed to this old relic too. But I have no clue as to what I need, much less how to get it all installed and operating - all that technical mumbo-jumbo.

And, add to all the above, I need to sit down and make out a meal plan for Christmas Eve meals and for dinner on Christmas Day. Don't have a clue as yet how many will be here for either time so planning and organizing for either day is that much more difficult then too!

Right now, the only thing I THINK I know for sure, is that church on Christmas Eve - the big service will be at 8 p.m. I THINK that's the time although, who knows, maybe it starts at 8:30 p.m. I'll have to check the church's website to verify that one. I never had that problem before - until last year when our church eliminated the service we always referred to as the "Midnight" Service although it started at 11 p.m. Didn't end usually till about 12:45 either - but I guess because it was held OVER midnight, it was just called the Midnight service. That was my favorite and I'm not really crazy about trying to round up everyone in the family - kids, grandkids and now, stepgrandkids, and coordinate with this or that one's custody schedule and such to be able to get everyone ready and off to church on time. Just seems life is dealing a lot more problems lately than solutions and adding church services and attendance there into the mix, well that's just unfair!

Some things should remain stable - the same, year after year - and church at midnight on Christmas Eve is one of those, in my mind. But, I'm not the one in charge of that so I'll have to go when others say is best for the most - not just me or old tradionalists like I seem to be I guess.

And today, I suppose I should quite playing around here on the computer, trying to understand some technical stuff about blogs and such that I haven't a clue what the heck is being said there and I best get my fanny to the kitchen to components I do understand a lot better. I know where the buttons are on my stove, most of my pots and pans that others haven't decided to put away in a place I don't normally put things (which irritates the living daylights out of me too, I might add). And I best get something cooked for supper here since Mandy will be home around 7:30 and I would assume the son-in-law and my son too, will eventually come to the house and have a meal. Never know about those two either some days!

Look out kitchen! Here I come!

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Skittles said...

We're practically done and ready. Except I found out this morning that one of Mike's gifts won't arrive until January.