Monday, December 11, 2006

Looking For Leads!

As some of you who read my blog already know, I write articles from time to time for a very small, local "monthly" newsletter. (I put the monthly in quotation marks because sometimes it comes out fairly regularly - every month - and then, there may be some blank months when it doesn't appear.)

But anyway, I'm posting this now as a request for help from any of my readers who feel so inclined to offer up some information for me.

I'm currently working on an article for the next issue of this publication and the topic is New Year's Eve/New Year's Day celebrations.

What I'd like here is if anyone would be willing to share with me how you celebrate either the bringing in of the New Year or New Year's Day. What activities do you generally have for your mode of celebration, special foods, community activities to where you live now or where you used to live or any ethnic traditional events or foods that you would like to share that I can incorporate in this article.

I'd like to show different ways people across the country ring in the New Year - not just report on how folks in this region usually spend the holiday - and thus, give people a broader perspective, perhaps give people new, interesting ideas about New Year's Eve, New Year's Day activities.

Anyone interested?

If so - either post to my blog or e-mail me ( and please state your name and location (city/state or country) and whether or not I can quote you directly or indirectly in my article.

Any help you can give me in this project will be greatly appreciated! And who knows, maybe even a subscriber clear across the country will see your name and realize that he/she knows you but had no clue that you in turn, know me!

Now - how's that for an angle too? A way to meet new friends that way maybe?


NightRainbow said...

Jeni: There was talk of discontinuing this this year, but our city has a First Night Erie celebration. It runs New Year's Eve from early afternoon until midnight--with performances at the museums and theater and on the street--it is an alcohol-free, family event with midnight fireworks. I hope they continue, but I haven't heard anything :-(
Joyce A. Anthonygypfd
Erie, PA

Jeni said...

Thanks so much for the comment and information about the "First Night" Celebration planned for Erie, PA. This is exactly the type of information I am looking for - either your own plans or ways you've celebrated in the past or how your community will have special events!

theauthormike said...

Jeni Girl, The best new years eves/days ever were the ones where friends and I from DC drove to Philly and got a room then drove or took the train to NYC for the eve of excitement and partying and stayed up and drove back to Philly and were there for the Mummers Day Parade on the First day of the new year. Sometimes there would be four of us to a room unless you found someone else to snuggle up with. I met a man one year and took him back to my place and everyone else got lucky so we had the place to our selves and the next day we went to his place. I noticed pictures of family on the wall and it turned out that we were cousins on my father's side that we didn't keep in touch with.
Mikey, can you believe it!! only me

unwriter said...

New years eve? I've heard of it. Oh yeah, the day before way too much football and the day after the night before.