Tuesday, December 19, 2006

A Day in Addiction Hell!

Today was one really, really nasty, difficult and downright terrible day!

My internet connection (peoplepc.com) went wacky on me about 10 a.m. Monday morning and with the exception of two times during the day when I managed to log on and the connection held for about 15 minutes each time (tops), I didn't really get things resolved till about 1 a.m.tonight (or this morning)!

The first rep I spoke had me change some code in my modem properties thing which didn't work! The second rep couldn't get anyhing to work -I was gettng really pissed off by then And that guy was supposed to have his supervisor call me back in about two hours - after lunch! Well actually I am still waiting for that person to return from lunch I guess cause no one ever returned my call!

Then around 3 p.m., I called them again and my really obnoxious side was surfacing more and more! Still nothing was being done to correct the problem.

Around 6 p.m. I called back fourth try there and that guy told me I needed to get my windows 98 cd out and extract some kind of connectivty code to the computer to fix it. HOwever, I don't have a copy of windows 98 - have no clue n the world where THAT went to! So I ended up calling a friend to bring his copy over and we'd called peoplepc back and let someone work us through the problem, etc. So, he got here about 9 p.m. and although the young lady I got then tried her best to be helpfull, she finally decided about 11 p.m. there was nothing more she could do.

She did get me reconnect to the internet but not so as to be able to check my e-mail or get on interet explorer, etc. So, my friend dug out a cd he had and copied it to a file for me, and we downloaded internet explorer not just once but twice before it seemed to take. Then my connection started to whack out again but this time, I took the cd he had brought which is an installation disc for People pc, reloaded my connecction software again and that took two tries too be fore it finally worked but that's what I had to go through just so as to be able to get reconnected, check my e-mail and be able to access my blog again! But man, was I pissed! Told these reps a very large chunck of my mind and what I think about people pc. etc there!

The version of peoplepc that was on the cd that I downloaded is version 6.3 so maybe you are using an older version same as I was! If it hadn't been for this friend of ours coming over and bringing just the right equipment in the way of cd's to use, I'd have had to take the computer to the shop and it would have cost me between 80 and $140 to get it all operating again and we got it done now for free!

And now, I am really, really beat! Gotta get some sleep cause Mandy and the kids and I have to go for groceries first thing in the morning so I can get some more baking done! Got to get a LOT of baking done I should say!

So if anyone is having similar problems with this provider, don't believe them when they tell you it is all your computer, cause its not!

Anyone else have a nightmare story about a provider and what a pain in the behind being without e-mail, the internet, connecting and keeping from being disconnected on a steady basis - especially with peoplepc.com - feel free to share how you handled it and if your solution - or theirs - worked!

And now - GOOD NIGHT! Before I fall completely asleep right here in my chair!


Skittles said...

Well you know we had problems like that not too long ago.

Mike said...

Yep, we had problems with our cable people which provide our internet also. It took them 3 or 4 days to get whatever it was straightened out.