Friday, December 01, 2006

More about Free CHristmas E-Book

Boy, I am really psyched up tonight over the release today of the Free Christmas E-Book put out by the Writerslife Gang from Writer's Life Yahoo! Group!

Last night - late - well, ok more like really, really early this morning - I posted here about this book and how you could get your free copy just by submitting the form on the press release.

Then later this morning, I took that same press release, copied it into an e-mail message and sent that out to just about everyone whose address you will find in my e-mail address book!

Later, as the orders for the book began to start to come in and before our fearless leader, Ms Dorothy Thompson, a well-known writer of Relationship and Soulmate books, as well as e-books about publishing and marketing, started to send out copies to those who submitted a subscription, she gave us within the Writer's Life group a code word by which she would then send us an e-mail with that word in the title so we would know this was an order for the book.

When one looks at these orders she has begun, slowly at first, to send out to the group, you can see the name of the party who requested the book and also, if they chose to leave a message.

And this is what really has me psyched!

As of 3 p.m. today, she had sent us copies of 7 requests for this e-book and of those 7 requests, 5 of them were from people in my e-mail address book!

Gee, that was really neat to see! And even neater, for me, was being able to see messages they left either for me or for the group to thank us for putting this book together!

My pleasure for sure and also, I know I can safely speak for the group too and say "Our pleasure!"

Here's hoping everyone who orders an e-book enjoys it as much as we enjoyed putting it together!

And, if you haven't yet ordered your copy - remember IT'S FREE - just go down this page to my earlier blog about the book and you will find the subscription form there to put in your request!

Merry Chrismas, Season's Greetings, Holiday Cheer!

Whatever the message of your choice may be, here's wishing you a very good one!


Meloncutter said...

Hay Y'all

I am just getting caught up on my blog surfing and comments and return visits from my crazy last couple of weeks. Thanks for stopping by my little corner of the blogging world. I will putting up a link to your blog here shortly.

Later Y'all

East of Oregon said...

Hi! I'm so intrigued by your post on my blog about the Swedish Christmas carol, "Lyssna Lyssna..." Do you know how I can get the lyrics or a music file I can listen to it? I love the sound of Scandinavian music so much. Thanks!!