Sunday, December 03, 2006

The New Day Begins

So far, so good!

That's my assessment of the "new" day today and it is just now nearing the 1:00 p.m. mark so maybe it will be a calm, relatively uneventful day for us.

I could use the relief of a calm day!

Amie - son's former girlfriend - got on the road home about 10:30 or so and by this time, should be nearing Gettysburg. Thankfully, the weather is cold but no precipitation! Again, my kind of day too!

My son called to "check in" - as he likes to regard his calls to me just so I know he is alive and well, not in jail or the hospital or anything, you know! His plans for the day - go shopping for a phone charger that he can use in a vehicle so he will be able to keep his phone charged and that way, maintain contact with those of high level of importance in his life (ME) while he is on the road in his new job driving a big rig! Sounds like a reasonable idea to me that he goes and gets a contraption like that, for sure!

The older daughter also called to check in - she's much calmer today and plans tomorrow to call her doctor to get checked after the scare with 911 and all yesterday. Also, sounds like a reasonably good move to old Mom there too!

And, finally - my ex-husband called this morning too. So I filled him in about the dog, about the granddaughter singing last night and other trivial things.

One thing though about the conversation with him did strike me as really funny. He lives in Nevada - in the southwestern corner there - and usually is bragging to us about the wonderful weather, warm, comfy temps, wearing shorts in mid-January while we are trying to find several more layers of clothes or blankets to wrap ourselves in.

Seems on Friday, as he checked on the weather (temps and conditions) out in our neck of the woods, it was actually warmer here than it was in Nevada!

Always nice to hear things weren't better there for him than for us you know!

'Nuff said I guess!


East of Oregon said...

Happy Sunday!

Vic Grace said...

Nice that your family call you. I have three sons and although I know they love me dearly they don't know what to do with a phone.

I call them once a month, not to smother them, but I sometimes wonder how long I would have to wait befor they remembered to call me.

But I suppose what goes around comes around. When I was young and careless and went to work in London after leaving school it was something like 18months before I phoned home. No reason just forgot in the excitement of life on my own.

Mike said...

It's nice to keep in touch with family. It's also cold here but we haven't had any snow. I wish it would though to put me in the Christmas spirit more. It seems snow does that to me lol.

Paige said...

I am inclined to think that boys sometimes don't call as much as girls do.
I have also wondered how long my son would wait to call if I didn't call him. And for some reason I', scared to find out.

Paige said...

Oops It looks like you have been Taged by me on Cracked Nuts Check it out