Friday, December 08, 2006

That Versatile Word

My writer friend, Linda Rucker - of Rucker Reading blog on my links list has a great blog she posted today all about the history of that really evil curse word, the one we usually indicate by using the middle finger on our hand or in conversation, just say "the "F" word." In addition to having researched -way back, too - the origins of this word, she also notes how versatile it is as it can be used as a noun, verb, adjective - heck, ad an "ly" there and you have a creative adverb too, don't you?

My daughter Mandy - in her infinite wisdom - has come up with a term we frequently use here - "FM" - which of course, you can guess what the F stands for - just add "ing" to the end and the M, well that's for MORON! And, the person who seems to get referred to the most in this house, hands down tends to be her husband.

Sorry guys, but as stereotypical as this is going to seem, to me - daughter here as well - it does seem to be a genetic thing that men so frequently are just, well clueless. Hence, they become the "FM" thing, you see!

Most of the time, the area in which my son-in-law becomes the FM and is really totally - and I do mean TOTALLY clueless - revolves around money. He can't seem to grasp the fact that yes he did bring home a pay check two weeks ago that was for some amount he felt was relatively decent but why today, do they not have that money? Failing of course to remember that there is a mortage to be paid, electric company, fuel oil delivery, water, sewage, cable, car insurance, gas/oil for the car, groceries too -to say nothing of the special needs of the two little ones here as well. Gee, but I gave you the check, it was this much - well gee but, the bills there listed come to x-much over what you gave me and he still thinks the original amount on the check should be available. YEP - the term FM fits quite well there, don't you think.

And, if that doesn't convince you - then try this one on for size.

About 6-8 weeks or so back now, son-in-law had to have surgery. Ok, it was an out-patient procedure - no overnight stay required - and was done to cut me off from having any more beautiful grandchildren. Yep, he had the little "snip-snip" done. (Note: the word "little" there was meant in reference to the procedure, not as a demeaning adjective to any part of him, though how would I know that anyway?)

Well, anyway, the doctor who did the procedure wanted him to come in for a checkup - a "followup" and the receptionist from that office had called earlier this week with a reminder that he was to come in there this past Wednesday for the follow-up. I gave the message to my daughter, assumed she had given him the message and forgot about that till shortly after noon today when he called home.

Now, the reason he was calling - well, to talk to his wife - who he had forgotten she was taking the baby to the dr this morning - but well, he had it in his mind that the appointment for the baby was for tomorrow - yes, Saturday! I reminded him that doctors here quit having Saturday hours many years ago! But, this reminded me that I hadn't heard him say anything about taking off early the other day to go see his doctor so I asked if he had received the message and had gone in for the checkup.

No, he hadn't done that. I asked if he had called and cancelled the appointment and he told me he had cancelled it as there was no point to the appointment anyway. It was just that "sample" thing and it was all going to test positive anyway so why go and have the appointment?

Gee, I thought the test thing (from the sample) to see if those little swimmers were still working -alive and well - or if they were now "dead meat" was the purpose of the surgery in the first place and yes, one would want to know - wouldn't one now - if the surgery had in fact, been successful?

See what I mean there folks -FM - totally a FM!

Now that you know my take on the versatility of this word - it is also, in my opinion, very cathartic when used too, go over to Linda's site and read the history of the origins of said word. You might be pleasantly (or not) surprised with the information she has there, but at the very least, you will have learned something for your efforts today.

And learning is what it's all about here in blogging. Right?

My story there and I'm sticking to it!

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