Sunday, December 03, 2006

Now The Day Is Ending

Boy, and what a day it has been too! I should be in bed but just had to go with some parting words.

First, thanks to those of you who read my post about the loss today of my son's much, much loved dog, Andrei. Reading the kind words, hearing the empathy in them for how my girls and son - and the grandkids too - felt about this poor baby of a dog, really meant very much to me.

And, with respect to Andrei, we all gathered this evening at my son's home to put him to rest. My son's ex-girlfriend drove all the way up here from Gettysburg - a 3 1/2 hour drive one way - just to join with us in saying a very fond farewell. My son even put his favorite toys in the grave with him and we each tried to make a comment to tell Andrei how much we loved him, enjoyed the time we had with him here and to send him, hopefully peacefully on his way to wait for us to join him again someday. Corny? Maybe, but that's my family for openers and it's also what we believe.

I noticed too that tonight my sitemeter registered over 200 visitors. I was really impressed! WOW, that many people visited my little blog today - that's incredible!

Then later this evening I think I found out how that came to pass too.

Because of the heavy promotion the Writer's Life group has been giving to the Christmas E-book we are offering - for free - my blog came up in the #7 spot on google searches for "CHRISTMAS FREE E-BOOK". Folks searching for either the entire three works (in quotations) or for any of those three words, randomly, were clicking into my blog!

Hey, a visitor to one's blog is a visitor anyway you cut it, Right? And, I was happy to think maybe they read a little of my drivel posted here during their stay!

And, as if all these other things today were not enough excitement in our household, there were two more things that happened tonight.

My little granddaughter was sitting in her playpen directly behind me at my computer and doing her normal thing - just babbling away mostly and all of a sudden something struck me! (No, she didn't take one of her toys and bop me up side my head either.) She was actually saying something - well, not saying it as much as singing something. I listened closely to her and got everyone's attention to listen too as she was singing "Twinkle, twinkle little star, How I wonder what you are." Incredible? For her, considering she has some developmental delays, most of which are in her language skills, you better believe this was amazing! I was about ready to cry I was so excited and happy!

The second event was a phone call about 1:30 a.m. for Amie - my son's ex-girlfriend who is spending the night with us. It was her boyfriend back home and as she had just gone to bed, I wasn't sure if I should wake her but he said it was rather important. So I called upstairs to get her to the phone.

His call was pertaining to HER dog - a beautiful full-blooded keeshond(sp) - who is 13-14 years old and in very poor health too. It seems he had put Nikita out on her leash for a bit and when he went out to get her and take her back in the house, she was gone. MISSING! Send out an APB!

Really, that was almost what he would have had to do if he couldn't find her and he told Amie he had searched high and low around the house, around all the outbuildings, the pond - you name it and she was no where to be found.

Having raised this dog since she was just a puppy and also, being an extreme animal lover, Amie was insistent he go look again - wherever - trace, retrace footsteps, but please find her.

About 1/2 hour later, the phone rang again and thankfully, this time it was good news.

He had found Nikita! She had wandered off into a cornfield adjacent to their farmhouse and he had somehow missed her on his earlier search. Nikita was tuckered out from her little escapade, but safe, still alive anyway. Now, Amie could go to bed and rest tonight.

And that, is where I am going to go right now too!

Cause Dawn is drawing near and who knows what things await me today!

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Mike said...

What a wonderful thing to hear your grand daughter sing. And it's a good thing also that Nikita was found.