Friday, December 01, 2006

I Love Books!

Are you - like me - a big fan of books? I love to read! Always have and as long as I can see to make out the print, I'm sure I always will love to read!

My Grandfather - God Bless His Soul for introducing me to books very early in my life, used to read the little Golden Books to me when I was just a toddler and from that, it instilled in me what has been my most favorite, life-long hobby.

If I am in a doctor's office, or anyplace similar to that where I have to sit and wait for a while, if there is some type of reading material there - it makes no difference then, what type it is - I will pick something up and start to read it. Force of habit, maybe? But I rather think it is because I know, whether it is something I particularly like and/or am interested in or not, I stand a very good chance of learning something new and it relieves the boredom of just sitting, just twiddling my thumbs, tapping my foot, and waiting!

My favorites types of books tend to be historical novels - "Gone With The Wind" is one of my all-time favorites. But I have read so many books over the years - and I am not even near having read EVERYTHING, for sure, in the arena of my favorite topics even, but I am trying!

About a year ago, I bought a book - at Walmart - by an author I'd never heard of - Jodi Picoult - and the name of that book was "My Sister's Keeper." I read that book within 24-hours of starting it and passed it immediately on to my younger daughter, Mandy. She doesn't read quit as fast as I do, but she, like me, found this book to be one of those that once you start it, you just can't put it down. We were both totally spellbound by this piece of fiction and also, both in somewhat of a state of shock and disbelief at the ending too. If you've never read this book, I will not tell you any more about it than what I already said about how great it is to read. You'll have to pick it up and read it and see for yourselves.

Since reading that first book, Mandy and I also recently read another book by Ms. Picoult. This one was "Vanishing Acts" and her writing style comes through once again in that book to make it one you just have to keep on reading.

Yesterday, my daughter happened to see the bookmobile while up at our local grocery store and in looking through what books they had available, she came across yet another book by this same author and checked it out then and there for me to begin reading it.

This one, titled "The Tenth Circle" is patiently waiting here now for me to stop everything else I would normally be doing - blogging, e-mailing, doing my research in the historic newspaper section - and to pick it up and transport myself into another world, the one I dearly love - fiction! And right now, Jodi Picoult is up at the top of my list of great writers, having a reputation of producing a really good product there and one I am really looking forward to reading.

Be back when I finish and I'll give a report on this book then too more than likely.

Later - I'm off to curl up under an afghan, keep warm and cozy and enjoy my favorite hobby then - reading!

Come join me, won't you?


Linda L Rucker said...

Jeni, one of my all time favorite books is GWtW.
I was given the book as a gift when I was fourteen. I started reading it that day, and beleive it or not it took me fifteen years to finish it. Yep, as a youngster I couldn't appreciate the beauty of that book. It wasn't until I was nearly thirty and out of new reading material that I decided to tackle it again. I read it through, cover to cover in two days, and since then I have managed to read it at least once a year. It is wonderful.
I thank the powers that be daily for my mother's gift of Little Women to me when I was eight. That single book opened a door to untold worlds and adventures, and I shall forever be in her debt for that gift.
I am trying to share that with my grandkids now. Some read, some don't, and those who don't are missing out on worlds of discovery!!

Skittles said...

Jeni, you know I love to read! Books (and music) has always been my best friend, until I met Mike that is. Now it's second best! But still.. I love getting lost in the stories and lives of a good book's characters.

Mike.. when you read this, make note of that book she mentioned.. good idea for a Xmas gift ;)