Monday, April 08, 2013


Here it is, Monday morning -the start of another week of school for the kids and a lovely day outside too.

And for me, this week may be starting out looking nice and pretty and all that, and I may have weathered one small potential this morning for a meltdown with Miss Maya -see my post below this one for that story -it seems my body is still in a recuperative state!

This weekend, because of a little goof-up, Mandy made plans to take the kids and go visiting with some friends down south of us but hadn't received any notification about a wedding that was to take place at our church on Saturday. Now, since she is the sexton there, and she had already cleaned the church on Thursday, in preparation for Sunday's service, she was a bit in a panic as to how she could make her planned trip since the wedding would mean the church would have to be given a bit of a touch-up cleaning job -running the vacuum, checking that things were all in order, etc.

And so, that's how I came to volunteer then to go out Saturday evening and do that touch-up cleaning work for her.

And, overall, that was okay -things weren't in disarray and just had to run the vacuum a bit to make sure any little stragglers that may have been inadvertently left behind from attendees at the wedding were all scooped up and taken care of then.

What I didn't count on though is the vacuum cleaner that was recently purchased for use in the church.

Man oh man! Is that thing ever HEAVY! I don't know what brand it is -didn't pay any attention to that -but it is one really heavy piece of equipment, that much I can say for sure!

And as a result of vacuuming the carpet throughout the church, my right hand felt like it was going to develop blisters in that area between the thumb on one's index finger from trying to hold on to the handle of the vacuum and by the time I was finished, the muscles in my back, just barely below my ribs, were really stiff and sore too from trying to maneuver this equipment around!

Add to that, the electrical cord, which kept getting under foot on me and tripping me every doggone time I turned around -or so it seemed anyway!

And those sore muscles are still evident now today even after a day of rest and much sleep -such as I had yesterday when I just couldn't seem to wake up most of the day! (No, I don't think all of that sleepiness was just from running that vacuum but rather was because my son showed up here bright and early Sunday morning -like at 7 a.m. -and woke me up then -about 2 hours before I had planned on rising!)

But it does just go to show you how easy it is to do something that is a bit off one's beaten track -with respect to muscles required to be used -and how quickly one can end up more than a bit stiff and sore from the use of said muscles that rarely get put to work every day!

And, as one ages, those things happen a whole lot more frequently than ever before too, ya know!

Just saying that's my reasoning for the stiff and sore areas in my back and arms this morning. A little Icy Hot on those spots and hopefully, things will settle down and bounce back to normal in short order!

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