Tuesday, April 02, 2013

Vehicular Addiction!

Folks around these hills who know me, generally also know my son but there are a whole slew of folks I do believe who know my son but not me. I doubt anyone though who knows him but not me will see this post but that's okay. I'm hoping maybe my son might see it but even that too is doubtful because he's not really into following the words his old Mom puts forth here.

Although, I can usually count on him to make comments to posts I put on my wall on Facebook and sometimes, the stuff he comes out with there are true to form for him with many of them being very comical and fun to read. Sometimes too, he will wax philosophically or show his truer colors of being much like his Mom and that means he is often also a very sentimental slob.

But the one thing just about anyone who knows my son will recognize about him very quickly is he is addiction, totally, to cars and trucks! And he is extremely partial to older vehicles, especially if they are of the Chevrolet brand!

He has a pick-up truck -I'm going to venture out on a limb here as I am not sure offhand, what year his pickup truck is -either a 1971 or maybe it's a 1973 Chevy and it is an unmistakeable sight on the local roads here too because it is painted a very, very bright (sassy, really) yellow!

Now he baby's that truck as much as is humanly possible to do to with a mechanism like this vehicle is!

Now that he has a beater-type older jeep to run back and forth to the place where he has to park his big truck, during the winter months, he slaps his pickup in the garage so it won't get harmed by the winter elements.

classic car covers for it -well, in his instance, it would have to be truck covers I suppose but you get my drift there, I think, don't 'cha?

Truthfully, I never even thought of this though until today when I stumbled across this website and thought, gee, wonder why he never did invest in something like that?

I was totally surprised too this past Saturday when I drove past his house and saw he had the yellow truck out of its garage spot and all washed up, shined up, looking really spiffy and winter weather isn't totally finished with us just yet! Brave soul he was to bring it out in the early spring air for a shampoo and set maybe you could say.

I know though he wasn't going to take it out much to drive around just yet because of there still being an overabundance of mud around here though.

But as much as he professes to love this ride of his, I really do think the least he could do is buy something to put over it and keep it shinny and nice as well as warm!

He has another vehicular addiction too besides this pickup truck and that would be to old model Volkswagons. He does love, love, love them too and if anyone is crazy enough to strike up a conversation with him and they make mention of Volkswagons, he's sure to launch out with reciting a history report all about VWs and how wonderful they are!

Just a word to the wise there if you don't want him to talk you ear off or you have no interest at all in cars, don't look for conversations about many other things than cars/trucks/Chevy or VWs!

And that's fine, my Favorite Son cause I still love you all the same!

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