Monday, April 22, 2013

Enough Already!!!

Sometimes, seeing some of the things that fly by and occasionally land, on my Facebook wall do totally appall me!

Maybe I'm still just a tad edgy after the events of the last week what with the bombing in Boston, the manhunt for the bombers, the explosion in Texas that leveled the better part of a small town and well, a myriad of other little things that, as my Grandma would say "Just get your commies."

To this day, I still don't know exactly what "Commies" are, when used in the context she applied them but I understood early on this basically meant it was something that really riled a person or got under your skin or "Got your goat" -which was another expression she also often used.

Like a lot of others, I'm on Facebook (as alluded to above) and when I see some of the things others post there, I wonder what their full logic is behind some of those statements.

Granted, I can see the illogical side when people often do have to have a drug test to get hired or to be eligible to stay on as an employee and yet, others can collect unemployment or even SS Disability, etc., or get food stamps and never get tested yet, maybe they might be some of the biggest druggies you can imagine. Doesn't seem fair, does it? But at the same time, one has to stop and think that perhaps that person who is getting what many believe to be wonderful benefits for free, or for not working, also has children at home that need those food stamps, or the unemployment check or social security to enable the family to have a roof over their heads. Disallowing benefits of this type because an individual may not seem to deserve it or is using that financial help in an inappropriate manner puts more than just the one person at risk but often, other family members as well. And does anyone, for a New York Minute really think to curb someone who is an addict -regardless of the type of substance -will stop using whatever if you curb any social supports? Not hardly!

Normally, when I see the posts along those lines -they seem innocuous enough at first glance (until you look beneath the surface and see beyond the one person) I usually look at them and see their point, not that I agree with it, but then, move on -no comment.

However, this evening there was one that read "Food Stamps should not be accepted at restaurants." And, for whatever reason I'm not really sure, but this one really rankled me -greatly!

Sure, from time to time, depending on my frame of mind and whether or not I am actively working on the idea of trying to quit smoking, I get a tad agitated over the commentary about what terrible people smokers must be. (Okay, so not those words, but if you've seen some of the blurbs that are conservative commentary about those of us who still continue to smoke, we must totally be the scum of the earth.) Anyway, sometimes, I'd like to take the person who posts something against smokers and tell that person that they should also be penalized for indulging in whatever their own particular sweet indulgence may be -whether it be stuffing one's self with high-fat content foods by the bucketful or impulse shopping to the point of way over-extending one's credit limits or whatever the little demon is that is on the shoulder of each one of us -and we all have at least one little demon sitting there, whether people care to admit that or not, 'fess up folks and admit that there's something there that you overindulge in or "abuse" from time to time.

Today though, when I read that comment about how people who are on food stamps should not be allowed to use them in a restaurant, that to me, was about the last straw!

How much colder and uncaring a society can we become when we would want to force people, just because they have food stamps to rely on for their daily bread, to almost make it mandatory then that they exist virtually on bread and water? Okay -perhaps that sounds a bit harsh but let me explain. For a lot of folks, I know, to go to a restaurant and eat out is considered a treat or a bit of a luxury. There are times when I can't really justify going to a restaurant, even one that has very reasonable prices, when most of the time I can fix the same foods at home and do it just as well too. But sometimes, it is nice to sit down and have a bite to eat, even if it is just a hamburger or hot dog, or a bowl of soup, knowing you didn't have to do anything to prepare that bite or spoonful and  you don't have to do anything in the way of clean-up after you eat either!

And, think of this too, there are people who could fix their own food, if they had the facility available to use to cook a meal -like a kitchen which most housing usually comes with a kitchen ya know, but if someone can't find a place to live, it's pretty hard then to have a kitchen manifest itself before that person just so they can fix a home-cooked meal and not go sit down in a restaurant and order even the barest of substances for a meal!

My thoughts on if they took away the ability of those who perhaps are in such straits or maybe, due to some type of medical issue, aren't physically capable of preparing a meal for themselves now too, and denied them the ability to get even the barest of necessities of food via a restaurant, that this would, to my mind, be criminal.

As I stated above, I don't normally toss my opinion out when I see the comments many put up there that are more than obviously along the conservative bent, but this one today, just set my teeth totally on edge! I commented and added that those who think along those lines most likely would like to see the government, in its infinite wisdom with doling out food stamps, also put out lists of foods -items or even by brand names (don't want the people to spend more than is necessary, ya know) that would be acceptable for purchasing with food stamps.

I just wish more people would try the adage of "Walk a mile in my shoes" and try being a bit more compassionate in their ideals and such. Sure there are those who do participate in a vicious cycle of welfare usage -but when people are born into that system and are raised in it, breaking free of that syndrome can be a difficult thing to do.

However, most people who receive food stamps and other government assistance programs are just like the majority of our society and would be hard workers, productive members, if they could actually do it!

Think about it this way too, someday, those among us who feel so smug about being so good and perfect -non-smokers, not obese, employed, home owners or tenants in their own apartment someplace, may just find themselves on the other side of the good, nice door -perhaps an illness that takes you down and you have to apply for Social Security disability but before you can get that, you have to deplete every last ounce of money you have to your name -and then some -and try then to return to living a relatively normal life on what you receive on disability payments. It's a far cry from what most of those who yell the loudest at those of us they feel are using their money unwisely generally have to come and go on. Just a little food for thought as things like that can happen -and do too -to any of us!

In the blink of an eye  -ya know -or except for the Grace of God, that could be me.

Before you go firing off your agreement by forwarding more of those statements -like or similar to those I've mentioned here -think about it and think who and how many are actually affected by what you are discerning as being something that is a waste of tax dollars -or your tax dollars to be specific -and if it were you in need or a helping hand for just yourself or your family, and people were making comments like those around you or about you, how would THAT then make you feel?

And don't be so smug as to say Well, I'd get a job or I'd work whatever number of jobs at any rate of pay to cover expenses, etc., for myself and family -perhaps you would -if you could! Not everyone can just waltz out and into an establishment and say "Here I am. Now where do I hang my coat and what do  you want me to do?" because there is only one Frank Costanza and to my knowledge, he's still just a fictional character on the Seinfeld show!


Suldog said...

We could use so much more compassion concerning other people's foibles, couldn't we? I know I'm occasionally guilty of the same sort of holier-than-thou behavior, but wouldn't the world be so much nicer if more people just lived and let live? My, my, my...

terri said...

You're right. We all need to see the real faces of the people around us before judging certain behaviors or situations.

Unknown said...

For the most part, the internet seems to bring out the worst in people ... anonymity emboldens ... and now it's started to influence the rest of our society. the news tried to keep up with the internet scoops and snarky articles, and talk radio has become mostly venting. One of the things I love about 12 Step programs is the notion of "keep your own side of the street clean" and "live and let live."