Wednesday, April 10, 2013

April Showers?

This morning I woke up to some nice warm weather. Sunshine too! A beautiful warm spring breeze as well.

My first thought was that finally, spring has arrived!

I was a bit energized by the warmth inside the house -without having to shell out oil and electricity for that -and outside too, as I even opened the window on the west side of the living room along with the kitchen door to allow for a little flow of cross-ventilation for the first time in 2013!

Now, dishes done, kitchen floor scrubbed and clean and Sam and I took a longer walk today too. For the occasion I even broke bad and dug out a pair of knee-knocker pants to show off my death white legs in all their ultra-shiny beauty! No jacket either as Sam and I set off to see the sights.

We took our normal route down the road, down to the end of the pavement and just across from the sewage plant (yes, that's one of the lovely things one can see when you stroll down the lane here.) At the sewage plant though, which is where we normally swing around and head back up the road to the house, today we veered off our beaten track and went up the old stripping road, up to the old railroad track, where the reclamation project took place and is pretty much completed now.

We walked along where the railroad trackage had once been, on the side of the hill behind my neighbors across the road from my place and got to see up close the work that had been done and the changes in the contours of the mountainside there. We walked up along the track close to 3/4 of a mile I would estimate to where the one mountain sort of just rolls into the side of the next mountain -a sight I've never seen before in all my years here and I just marvel at how perfectly beautiful it is where those points come together.

Now, back home, and watching the tv before the kids arrive home from school, I see by the bulletin across the bottom of the screen that this day that started out so nice and springy and warm, is about to have a severe turn around here shortly.

Severe thunderstorm warnings are up now for several counties to the west of ours as well as for Clearfield County -which is where I live. In addition to the severe thunderstorm warnings, they are cautioning also about heavy winds being possible at speeds up to 70 mph!

UGH! Now that forecast just put a dent in my nice springtime attitude.

Even though I do remember that April Showers bring May flowers and all of that good stuff, that doesn't mean I have to like it when the showers turn into electrical and high wind storms!

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