Monday, April 15, 2013

A Little Bit of Good Fortune....

One of my good friends here phoned me a couple days back and asked me if I still needed a new stove or perhaps, a refrigerator too.

Her question kind of floored me but then she said she remember a while back I had mentioned that we were looking for a stove as the one we had only had two burners that were working but, we lucked out about 18 months ago when my daughter came across one that some lady about 30 miles from here was giving away!

That stove works okay -for the most part. One burner is a bit tricky to keep it working all the time and it has no working clock/timer on it but otherwise, it's not bad and the price -free -was definitely right for our budget!

As to a refrigerator though, the one we have isn't all that old and it -knock on wood -has been chugging along for about 5 years now with no problems.

Then she told me why she was asking about this. Seems she just purchased a new refrigerator and a new stove for her house and was looking for someone who might need just such appliances to give these to someone in need.

When I mentioned the offer to my daughter, she said "Ask her if the stove has a clock and timer and if it does and they work, tell her we'll take it!"

And so, that's how I will be getting a new-to-me-new stove next Saturday!

And, my son will be acquiring a new-to-him-new refrigerator too as the one he currently has, he figures is probably at least 25 years old and he's worried that it may croak on him at some point in time when he can't find a decent, affordable refrigerator.

Isn't that how things usually happen though?

 But one thing is for sure, getting this stove -which I know will be in ace condition because I know how meticulous this friend is about her things -sure will save a lot of headaches of searching for another stove and definitely save a whole lot of money too, even if we were to shop for discount appliances online for either a stove or refrigerator, the prices of things like that would have me looking for a small business loan for sure!

Have you priced any of these things lately?

Holy Rip!

Hope this stove I'll be receiving and the refrigerator that is going to my son's give us both lots and lots of good days (years) of usage ahead!


Maggie May said...

I think this recycling of goods is a marvellous idea! Hope that your new appliances will give you many years of trouble-free use.
Maggie x

Nuts in May

Suldog said...

I'm consistently amazed by prices of things when I buy something I haven't had to buy for many years. I recall having to get some doodad for the kitchen and thinking, on my way to the store, "This will probably cost about two bucks, since it was fifty cents when I was a kid." And then it turned out to be something like fifteen dollars. Yikes!

terri said...

What good fortune for you and for your son! Appliances are SO expensive these days. My dryer isn't going to be working much longer. I can hear the funny noises it's making and I'm dreading buying a new one.