Monday, April 08, 2013

Alarm System Needed?

Well, good morning!

Sun is shining nice and bright here today. Temperatures are very comfortable too for early in the morning so things were looking to be the start of a good day for me and for the grandkids too as they were getting ready for school.

That is, until Miss Maya actually walked out the front door on her way to board the school bus.

She stepped out of the house and immediately came back in, with tears welling up in her eyes and the crying had already begun.


Because she missed the school bus!

Now, how in blazes did this happen anyway?

Maya is meticulous about clock watching -particularly in the morning so that she is out and at the bus stop usually at least 1-2 minutes before the bus even starts coming into view and up to the stop here.

I'm thinking what must have happened is that either our clocks have begun to run slow or some such thing like that or perhaps the bus driver's clock is a touch faster than ours -or maybe today, the driver didn't have kids waiting at a stop or two and therefore, was a trifle early arriving here.

What ever the reason though, I wasn't prepared for the catastrophe that ensued with Maya sobbing about having missed the bus. My kids, when they were that age, thought missing the bus was something to be celebrated, for sure.

I got to thinking about this though after I took Maya up to the school and dropped her off, as to how to avoid this ever happening again. (I know -fat chance of avoiding this kind of mishap with two kids who have a lot of school years still ahead of them, right?)

But, when I think about stuff in terms of what could possibly be done to avoid things, sometimes my mind does veer off a good bit to the illogical side of life, one could say, I suppose.

And I was thinking maybe if we had a sound system rigged up with a kaossilator rigged up to set off some programmed sound that would give us an audio alert that the bus had made the turn at the end of our street and was actually enroute up the road, heading towards the bus stop, that would be one way to eliminate the missed bus, wouldn't it?

Okay  a little bit impractical, I know -but what the heck can one say or do when you are grasping at straws to eliminate the potential that lies below the surface for a meltdown?

You do then just that -grasp for straws, for sure!

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