Sunday, April 21, 2013

Little Absurdities

Funny thing, isn't it, how things happen that don't quite make sense -or at least not to some of us.

Take here, this morning, when I got up and walked into the dining room where I could see the dining room table had been moved, pushed back a good two foot of so towards the cabinet along the back wall.

I glanced down at all that extra floor space and the first thought that crossed my mind was that Sam must have had a watering accident this morning and Mandy had to push the table back to clean it up. I said this aloud and Maya just gave me a sort of strange look --of "Well, whatever, Gram," and went about her business.

Then I looked again and saw there were several pieces of paper also on the floor and that got me to thinking that no, Mandy wouldn't have cleaned up dog whiz and left papers laying around then too.Hmmm. Wonder who really moved this table?

So I asked Maya if she had pushed the table back and she replied that no, she hadn't done that but Kurtis had.

Say what? No way! I definitely knew that was a lie as that table is a big and very heavy unit and there is absolutely NO WAY Kurtis could have budged it an inch, much less 2 foot or so. So I asked Maya why on earth he would want to move the table and her reply to that was "Because he wanted to dance and needed more room."

Ah ha! I knew too that the last thing in the world Kurt would be interested in doing would be dancing but Maya -now there's a horse of a different color for sure as she spends hours with various videos playing on the computer as she tries to teach herself new moves in her "original" dance routines.

So I asked her if maybe she and Kurtis, together, had moved the table and yes, it turns out that was exactly what had happened. Because SHE wanted to dance!

See how smart I can be at times?

And see just how absurd the lies kids tell on each other can be at times too!

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terri said...

So cute! Yep, those kids will try to pull the wool over your eyes whenever they think they need to. Maya trying to convince you that Kurt wanted to dance though... that's just plain funny!