Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Some Really Nice News!

Last week, a young couple -friends of the family -who have been together for a number of years now (six years to be precise) posted on Facebook -on April Fool's Day -about their thoughts pertaining to each other, how much each enjoyed and appreciated the many things the other did and those posts were then followed by a picture of a woman's hand with a big old diamond on it!

At first, I think many of us -their friends -thought the ring photo was a part of an elaborate April Fool's joke -as they sometimes do like to prank people but then they clarified things that yes indeed, they were now engaged.

A couple days later, he posted some questions -as did the bride-to-be -asking about places around this region where they could hold the kind of wedding they wanted to have, which would entail an outdoor setting, preferably in/around an old barn.

And since they asked for information along those lines -and I only know one barn setting in this region -as well as suggestions about planning a reception, etc., etc., I thought maybe since they are living down in the state of North Carolina they might be interested in checking out this site which is about Raleigh wedding photography but which I thought might give them some ideas of things they could incorporate into planning their own very special day!

She's one of the prettiest young ladies I know and he is handsome as can be plus, they both have stellar personalities too. I'm really looking forward to whatever they decide to have as they begin the next phase of their relationship together, as man and wife!

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